General Psychology Chapter 2

  1. True or False :
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  10. true or false :
  11. How do billions of Neurons communicate to the brain?
  12. What is located in anatomy of Neuron?
  13. How do neuron fire up ? How do signals get in the brain?
  14. What is: Resting Potential, Action potential , threshold of Excitation, Refractory period ?
  15. What is jumping synapse? Synaptic Transmission ?
  16. What is Excitation ?Inhibition?
  17. How do the excitation And Inhibition interact?
  18. What happens to the unused neurotransmitters left in synapse?
  19. What are Neurotransmitters ?
  20. What chemicals do they send to the brain?
  21. what does the Acetylcholine do?
  22. What is Parkinson's disease and schizophrenia have to with Dopamine?
    What is Dopamine?
  23. What is Serotonin and Nonrepinephrine? What plays apart in Depression?
  24. What does GABA and Glutamate do ? What inhibs and excites the brain?
  25. What do endorphins and substance P do?
  26. Describe the major parts of Nervous system.
  27. What is the CNS and PNS?
  28. What Messages do the Pns Send?
  29. What does the Somatic Nervous System do?
  30. What does the Automatic nervous system do?
  31. What is the difference between the Sympathetic and ParaSympathetic System?
  32. Image Upload 2
    Label the part of the brain

    Parietal Lobe of the Cerebrum
    Corpus Callosum
    Frontal Lobe of the Cerebrum
    Pituitary Gland
    Spinal Cord
    Temporal Lobe of the Cerebrum
    Occipital Lobe of the Cerebrum
    Medulla Oblongata
    Image Upload 4Image Upload 6
  33. Label the 3 section of the brainImage Upload 8
    Image Upload 10
  34. What is the Limbic system ?
  35. What is the cortex ?
  36. What is the corpus callosum ?
  37. What is a split brain?
  38. What does specializtion of function in the lobes of the cortex work?
  39. What Tech. is used for studying the human brain?
  40. How does is the endocrine system work?
  41. Label these: hypothalamus,pituitary gland, Thyroid,Adrenal ,Pancreas,Ovaries, Testes.
    Image Upload 12
  42. What is the Nature vs. Nurture debate ?
  43. What is interactionism ?
  44. What are twin studies? What do they show?
  45. What is the genetic blueprint for traits ?
  46. How was Charles Darwin? What did he publish ?
  47. What is the influence of genetics on Biology?
  48. What are the structure and function of the brains?
  49. How do neurons communicate?
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