Religion unit test

  1. what is illumanation
    to understand the word of God.
  2. What is an icon
    is a religous symbol for somethng like a dove is the symbol for the Holy Spirit
  3. what is Inerrancy
    the teaching of the church that the Bible theaches of our faith nessesary for ur salvation
  4. what does it mean to interpret
    the exploration of the words in the scripture.
  5. who is St. Augustine
    st. Augustine was a man that became a priest and saerched for God through philosophy
  6. who was the sameritan woman
    She was a woman whomb Jesus gave living water
  7. what is a canon
    a canon was the law of the jews that blinded them from God
  8. what is a lectio divina
    a reaspected way of praying with scripture
  9. what is the Sign of The Cross
    the Sign of The Cross is the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit we use this at the begining of every prayer.
  10. what is solidarity
    The attitude of strength and unity that leads to sharing of spiritual and material goods
  11. what is a covenant
    a covenant is a promise made with God
  12. what is the New American Bible
    the new american bible is the bible that has been translated into English
  13. who was Nicodemus
    nicodemus was a pharisee that wanted to know more about God, so he faced the danger of walking thrugh the night to go see Jesus that way he wasn't seen. Jesus taught him about his father and told him that the pople are blind so they can't see the way of God.
  14. what is a tradition
    the beliefs and practices of the church that is passed down from one generation to the next.
  15. what is the Eucharist
    the sacrament in which we give thanks to God for the body and blood of Christ
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