History Legislative branch

  1. What are the two branches of congress?
    • house or representatives
    • senate
  2. By whom are representatives chosen?
    by the people of the state they represent
  3. What is the term of office for the house of reps?
    2 years
  4. Qualifications of members of the house of reps?
    • 25 years of age
    • 7 years a resident of the U.S
    • live in the state they represent
  5. Who is the chief officer of the house of representatives called?
    Speaker of the house
  6. Who is the current speaker of the house?
    Nancy pelosi
  7. Who is the majority leader?
    Steny Hoyer
  8. Who is the minority leader?
    John Boehner
  9. What is representation based on in the house of reps?
    • population of state
    • ****every state is guaranteed atleast 1 rep
  10. How can the members of representatives change?
    • Seats in the house are reaportioned every 10 years depending on population
    • depends on census
  11. Originally, how many people did you have to have to get one representative?
    1 for every 30,000 people
  12. Today how many people must you have to get one representative?
    1 for every 80,000
  13. What was originally the total number of representatives?
  14. What is the total number of reps today?
  15. What happens if a rep resigns from the house of reps?
    A special election is held so that the people of the district can elect a new rep
  16. Who elects the officiers of the house?
    the representatives
  17. What special powers does the house have that no other branch may have?
    • power of impeachment
    • initiate all revenue (money) bills
    • select a president if no electoral majority
  18. Where do all the money bills start?
    in the house of reps
  19. What does impeachment mean?
    to be charged or indicted, your not guilty until you go to court
  20. Who are the three presidents who have been impeached?
    • Andrew Johnson
    • Richard Nixon
    • Bill Clinton
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