General Psychology Chapter 1 Online

  1. True or False :
    Most Psychologists study the causes of mental illness.
  2. True or False :

    It is acceptable for psychologist to hurt their research participants, provided the psychologist is able to publish his/her results in a prestigious journal.
  3. True or False :
    Introspection is the technique used primarily by the behaviorists to study the mind.
  4. True or False :
    William James viewed behavior from functionalist perspective.
  5. True or False :
    If you do not hold a Ph.D. there are no jobs in psychology that you can hold.
  6. True or False :
    A causal hypothesis is best tested using a naturalistic observation study .
  7. True or False :
    Dr. Edwards predicts that the more
  8. True or False :
  9. True or False :
  10. True or False :
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General Psychology Chapter 1 Online
General Psychology Chapter 1 Online