social work

  1. defin culture
    patterns explicit and implicit behavour aquired and transmitted by other symbols
  2. ethnocentrism
    is when a person sees his culture as superior to others
  3. divergent thinking
    a critical look from the standing point or a fact
  4. introspection
    exploring oneself to his or her own behaviour
  5. mentak flexability
    the ability see the world through different lenses
  6. dominant culture
    the main stream culture
  7. how are differences socially constructed?
    • naming
    • aggregating (grouping into a clas)
    • dichotomizing ( creating dualities either or )
  8. how do human differences originate?
    • biology
    • social structure (class, religion)
    • intelligence
  9. subculture?
    a culture within a culture
  10. counter cultures?
    • hippies
    • black panthers
  11. essentialism
    • Racial essentialists argue that all members of a specific racial group
    • share certain basic characteristics or qualities that mark them as
    • inherently different from members of other racial groups.
  12. naming
    the use of a name to claim the identity or lable people:spics
  13. hetrosexism
    the idea that we are all straight
  14. objcification
    treating ohers as objects
  15. other?
    word used to describe those who are not like oneself
  16. status?
    a position held in society
  17. master status
    the most dominant of many. ie) gender race
  18. meaning to difference: what are the implications for social work practice?
    • social context- knowing the clients differences
    • sub group experiences-what groups have helped this person
    • ndividual functioning - how does the client deal with his differences?
  19. defence mechanisms
    • leave- physically removing ourselfs from a situation
    • scielence - we dont respond to the triggering situation
    • release- we notice the trigger but we dont respond we choose to lt it go.
  20. what is a trigger?
    something a individual says/does that offends others from a differnet group
  21. stigma?
    to be marked with a label of disgrace
  22. marked statues
    one is identified as special in some way ( blind muscian )
  23. inequality
    unequal access to resources needed to live a productive life
  24. privilege
    unearended access to social power
  25. discredited
    those whos stigma is known to be discreditable
  26. oppression
    an activity that prevents another social gropup from attaining access to valued resources
  27. discrimination
    a hostile action towards a social group
  28. de facto discrimination
    discrimination that happens whem it isnt permitted ie)job discrimination
  29. whiteness
    equates white culture as the norms of society
  30. vertical oppression
    when agents enforce subordinate statuses upon targets
  31. Agent to Agent
    Horizontal Oppression
    • When agents enforce dominant status with other members of
    • the agent group.
    • ie) Boys who don’t conform to traditional
    • “masculine” interests and behaviors are harassed by other boys.
  32. target to Target
    Horizontal Oppression:
    • When target group members enforce subordinate status among
    • their own group or, if there is more than one target group, when one target
    • group enforces subordinate status with another target group.
  33. Internalized
    Subordination (Internalized Oppression
    • When members of the target social group have adopted the agent
    • group’s ideology and accept their subordinate status as deserved, natural, and
    • inevitable.
  34. Acculturation:
    • : the process by
    • which individuals learn the behavior, values, language, and customs, and
    • patterns of a cultural group other than their own. Acculturation stress is related to the
    • emotional strain this process puts on an individual
  35. Assimilation
    • the process by which persons of diverse backgrounds slowly
    • give up their original cultural identity and language and “melt” into another
    • group, usually the core group of the society (“melting pot” approach).
  36. Biculturalism/Multiculturalism
    • : being able to
    • negotiate competently in two or more
    • cultures – the mainstream culture and one’s original culture (“tossed salad” or
    • “quilt” approach). Based on theory of
    • Cultural Pluralism.
  37. Behaviors
    required of people to ensure the survival of the host society:
    • Use of
    • common language as primary language of the country, but not the only
    • language.
    • Acceptance
    • of idealized values of democracy, freedom, justice and equality for all.
    • Willingness
    • to provide for protection of nation again outside aggression.
    • * Diversity requires negotiation and compromise.
  38. Ally:
    • A member of the agent group who rejects the dominant
    • ideology and takes action against oppression out of belief that eliminating
    • oppression will benefit both agents and targets.
  39. wgat is a sentrnving circle?
    its like going to a aa meeting
  40. land treaties
    laws about the ownershiip of land
  41. cree
    the largest group of the first aboriginals
  42. royal proclamation
    act to prevent european acces to land and settlement
  43. exploitation
    an act that exploits or victimizes someone (treats them unfairly
  44. cultural imperialism
    is the practice of promoting a more powerful culture over a least known or desirable culture
  45. prejudice
    A prejudice is a prejudgement
  46. How do we create
    social group memberships? How are
    differences socially constructed? Can
    any group attribute meaning to difference?
    Assigning meaning to difference and categorizing groups and individuals
    occurs at what level?
    you aree either born into a social group by being born in an by earning ur way in but still at a minority stance

    • differences are socially constructed by
    • social status
    • biology
    • intelligence
  47. 4 levels of self aweraness
    • basic self awearness
    • reflective self awearness
    • basic empowerment
    • reflective empowerment
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