history midterm

  1. slavery prohibited
    13th Amendment
  2. defined equal national citizenship, the 1st time inserted the word into male into the constitution in refering to a citizens right to vote
    14th Amendment
  3. prihibited denial of the vote on the basis of color, race, or previous condition of servitude. Gender was not on the list
    15th Amendment
  4. were designed to regulate the affairs of the emancipated blacks. Aimed to unsure a stabe and subservient labor force.
    Black Codes
  5. Systematic state-level legal codes of segragation
    Jim Crow Laws
  6. Describe the New South
    was in ruins from the war, blacks had their freedom but were still being treated like they are not people
  7. Impeachment of Andrew Johnson
    did not get impeached
  8. ruled that "separate but equal" facilities were constitional under the "equal protection" clause of the 14th Amendment
    Plessy vs. Ferguson
  9. was just another way for the white south from keeping the blacks from their right to vote. They have to be able to read the ballot before they can vote.
    Literacy Test
  10. Successes of the Reconstruction
    blacks got right to vote, they got their freedom
  11. Failures of Reconstruction
    Blacks still treated bad, the KKK segragation
  12. the new rich
    laissez faire
  13. an agreement to divide the business on a given area and share the profits
  14. prohibited rebates and pools and required the railroads to publish their rates openly
    Interstate Commerce Act
  15. Survival of the fitest
    Social Darwinism
  16. casts a serious doubt on the idea of religion
  17. tabloids, dirty rumors
    Yellow Journalism
  18. The U.S has a good relationship with__________. We will help them if they get into economic trouble
    Latin America
  19. What were some of the causes of the Spanish-American War?
    Sinking of the Maine, a letter that was published by the Spanish ambassator it was critizing the U.S president
  20. Photographs the lives of the poor city dwellers
    Jacob Riis
  21. Published a devastating but factual article of the Standard Oil Company
    Ida Tarbell
  22. wrote the book The Jungle. Told the truth about the dirty filth of the food industry
    Upton Sinclair
  23. Journalism that investigated and exposed problems
  24. The reserve act of 1891. tried to save some of the wilderness Americans realized that they needed to lighen up on the use of the resources or they will be gone. that how we got the national parks.
  25. Was designed to prevent the mislabeling of foods
    Meat Inspection Act
  26. U.S, Russia, Germany, France, Austria-Hungary
    Major Powers
  27. Any ship in war zone is liable to get torpido this goes against the Sussex Pledge, becoming harder to stay neutral
    Unrestricted Sub Warfare
  28. Exclusive control or service in a particular market or a control that makes possible the manipulation of prices
  29. Allows settlers to have 160 acres of land for 5 yrs for $30 but there was one catch there was no water and was bad soil
    Homestead Act
  30. Farming Inventions
    Plows and Steam engines
  31. pushed onto reservations they were forced into a new way of life
    Native America
  32. Womens movement
    Try to get the right to vote and the WCTU
  33. Urban American saint in the eyes of many admirers. won the nobel peace prize in 1931. helped blaze the trail for american women careeres, hull houses
    Jane Addams
  34. Strikes gone bad in Chicago bombs went into a crowd killing over 30
    Haymarket Riot
  35. ex-slave leading champ of black education avoided the issue of social equality
    Booker T. Washington
  36. Immigrant living conditions
    living in windowless rooms. 4,000 people on one block, over crowding, filth, illnesses
  37. U.S entry into war
    Zimmerman Note, Sinking of Lisitania
  38. Was rejected by the U.S , congress was lead by Henry Cabot Lodge (Rep.) would not approve the League of Nations because that ment if one country went to war we went to war with them.
    Treaty of Versailles
  39. U.S banking system that is under the control of a central board of governors with a central bank
    Federal Reserve System
  40. a government policy of promoting the business interest of its citizens in other countries
    Dollar Diplomacy
  41. people have to approve legislation
  42. people can recall corrupt politicians
  43. established the direct election of U.S senators
    17th Amendment
  44. way to pay off things bought like margin stock buying
    installment system
  45. John scopes accused of teaching the theory of evolution in public school. Scope was convicted
    Scopes Trial
  46. followed nothing but the bible. what the bible said is the law
  47. an outbreack of creative expression
    Harlem Renaissance
  48. helped found the NAACP (National Association for the Adv. for Colored people) opposite beliefs of Booker T. Washington
    W.E. B DuBois
  49. limited newcomers to 3% of their nationality living here in 1910
    Emergency Quota Act
  50. Reduced quota act to 2% japanese were excluded
    Immigration Act of 1924
  51. "T" model found a way to make cars cheaper with same quality the assembly line made his 30 millionth car in 1930.
    Henry Ford
  52. arrested and charged with the murder atheists of a mass offical. they were atheists, draft doggers, Italian Immigrant. they were electricuted in 1927
    Sacco and Vanzetti
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