Ferment Of Ideas

  1. Romantic Movement
    Widespread artistic, intellectual, & political implications-dominated until Mid-Century
  2. Realistic Movement
    For the next 1/4 century artists & writers responded to the age of science experimented with new forms and structures
  3. Modernist Movement
    From that time until & beyond 1914 the artistic community experimented with new forms and structures.
  4. Romanticism
    encouraged emotionalism, idealism, and revolt against imposed standards and accepted authority
  5. Example of Romanticism
    • German Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
    • 1749-1832
    • Sorrows of Young Werther
    • Banned because of suicide- he loved a girl that was engage, and finally commited suicide because he couldn't break the customs of society
    • Typical Romantic Hero
  6. Romanticism Mood
    One Idea- Feeling of heart, regardless of how irrational it was
  7. Romanticism- Reason could not solve all problems
  8. Romanticism-rejection of enlightenment
  9. Romanticism-Science was irrelevant but intuition counted!
  10. Why was Poetic was superior to Sciencific?
    Scientists are forgot the day after they die, but writers lived on
  11. Romantic Movement stressed:
    • The Past
    • The Emotional
    • The National Aspect Of Life
  12. Romantic Movement Also:
    Paved the way for the fragmenting force of several modern ideologies by emphasizing the rights of the Individual to define his or her own standards instead of adhering to accepted principles
  13. Individuals defining their own standars lead to:
    a source of political pressure that would be felt throughout the 19th century-Enlarged to the concept to groups of people-Nationalism
  14. Realism
    Mid 19th Century-new artistic movement-well in progression continent France early proponents of Realism
  15. Realism Attempted:
    to observe & report on all aspects of life in a dispassionate, precise manor
  16. Realists
    Function of art was not to find "Truth in Beauty" but to give all parts of the picture whether it be good, bad, and ugly.
  17. Realist Literature:
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