embryology ch 9

  1. What are the two things attached gingiva?
    • stippling
    • mucogingival junction
  2. Tall narrow papilla pulling on the epithelium. Very healthy
  3. the mucogingival junction is a ________ division between the _________ gingiva and the __________ mucosa
    • scalloped
    • attached
    • alveolar
  4. what is the melanin pigmentation?
    it is normal. similar to the melanin in your skin. more common in patients with darker skin (more melanin)
  5. the turnover time and repair of the oral mucosa is _______
    quick (tied to blood supply)
  6. repair:
    • blood clot >>>epithelium
    • granulation tissue>>>>connective tissue
    • too much granulation can cause problems, needs to be removed
  7. hard palate turnover time
    24 days
  8. floor of the mouth turnover time
    20 days
  9. buccal and labial mucosa turnover time
    14 days
  10. attached gingiva turnover time
    10 days
  11. taste bud turnover time
    10 days
  12. junctional epithelium turnover time
    4-6 days
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