Lower leg

  1. What are the two bones of the lower leg
    Tibia and Fibula
  2. What are the boney landmarks of the Tibia?
    Medial/ Lateral condyle, Tibial Tuberosity, Soleal line, medial malleolus, interosseous border
  3. What are the boney landmarks of the fibular
    Head, Lateral malleolar, interosseous border
  4. The peroneus longus, Proneus brevius and Perneus Tertius originate on what bone.
    The head of the fibula.
  5. What muscles planter flex the foot at the ankle
    Gastrocnemius, Soleus, Peroneus longus
  6. What muscles are responsible for eversion of the foot
    Extensor digitorum longus, Peroneus longus, Peroneus brevis,Peroneus tertius
  7. What muscles invert the foot?
    Tibialis Anterior
  8. What muscles dorsiflex the foot at the ankle?
    Tibialis Anterior,EDL, Peroneus tertius
  9. What two actions does the gastrocnemius perform?
    Flexion of the knee, planter flexion of the foot.
  10. the Peroneus brevis and Peroneus Tertius insert on this bone.
    Base of the fifth metarsal
  11. The Tibialis anterior and peroneus longus insert on to what bone.
    First cuneiform and first metatarsal
  12. What muscle is the strongest planter flexor?
  13. The achilles tendon attaches to what two muscles.
    Gastrocnemius and soleus
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