Chapters 9,10,11,12

  1. Hard Money
    money that could be received directly from a group or individual specifically for ones campaign
  2. National Committee
    Representatives from 50 state party organizations who run a political party
  3. Electorate
    All the people who are eligible to vote
  4. Initiative
    A procedure by which citizens can propose new laws or state constitutional amendments
  5. PACs
    Political organization established by a corporation, labor union, or other special-interest group designed to support candidates by contributing money
  6. Mass Media
    A mechanism of mass communication, including TV, radio, newspapers, ect
  7. Lobbyists
    A representative of an interest group who contacts lawmakers or other government officials directly to influence their policy making.
  8. Public Policy
    The course of action the government takes in response to an issue or problem
  9. Caucus
    A meeting of political party members to conduct party business.
  10. Delegates
    Representatives to a meeting
  11. Precinct
    A geographical area that contains a specific number of votes
  12. Apathy
    A lack of interest
  13. Soft Money
    Donations given to political parties and not designated for a particular candidates elections election campaign
  14. Interest Group
    A group of people who share a point of view about an issue and unite to promote their beliefs
  15. Public Interest Groups
    An organization that supports causes that affect the lives of Americans in General
  16. Primaries
    • vote for who represents
    • closed or open
  17. Referendum
    A way for citizens to vote on state or local laws
  18. Commute
    To reduce a criminals sentance
  19. Apportion
    Divide among districts
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Chapters 9,10,11,12
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