venous drainage of the head

  1. communicating channels between blood vessels
  2. large collection of blood vessels
  3. blood filled spaces between two layers of tissue
    venous sinus
  4. what is the venous flow?
    working from the tissue to the heart
  5. what is bacteremia and what can it spread in?
    • bacteria in the blood.
    • spreads in anastamosis
  6. plaques of cholesterol build up on the walls of the arteries and narrow or block it
  7. what is a thrombus?
    plaque that stays in the blood vessel
  8. what is the sinus?
    fluid filled space inbetween
  9. what is an embolus? "e = escaping"
    plaque getting off the wall
  10. an embolus can cause a _______ ________ or _______.
    • heart attack
    • stroke
  11. what is a hemmorhage?
    • large amounts of blood escaping from the vessel, bleeding.
    • i.e. hem on scaling
  12. small amount of blood escaping into the surrounding tissue; bruising
  13. what hapens when the pterygoid plexus is hit during injection?
  14. it cushions the maxillary artery during mastication. it can drain or fill to reduce pressure
    pterygoid plexus
  15. where does the middle meningeal vein go to?
    the brain
  16. what is the supratrochlear vein a part of?
    the eye muscle
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