WW Lesson 10

  1. abject
    adj/ Most miserable; wretched
  2. advocate
    verb/ To plead in favor of; to defend

    noun/ One who argues for or defends a person, group, or idea
  3. atrocity
    noun/ an act of great cruelty and wickedness
  4. atrocious
    adj/ Appallingly bad; outrageous
  5. commemorate
    verb/ To serve as a memorial to; to remember in a solemn manner
  6. dialect
    noun/ A form of a language spoken in a certain geographical area, usually having different pronunciation and grammar
  7. dire
    adj/ Having terrible consequences, urgent or desperate
  8. elite
    noun/ A group that enjoys superior status to others

    adj/ Considered superior to others
  9. enhance
    verb/ To make greater or better
  10. flagrant
    adj/ Clearly offensive or bad; clearly against what is right.
  11. languish
    verb/ To lose hope, strength or vitality because of neglect or bad conditions.
  12. mute
    verb/ To soften or tone down the sound of

    adj/ Not speaking or not able to speak
  13. raze
    verb/ To level to the ground; to destroy completely
  14. reprisal
    noun/ A retaliation for an injury
  15. turmoil
    noun/ A state of confusion or agitation; tumult
  16. wreak
    verb/ To bring about or inflict

    To express or vent.
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