WW Lesson 9

  1. abet
    verb/ To encourage or assist in some activity, especially a questionable one.
  2. agile
    adj/ Able to move quickly and easily; nimble

    Able to think quickly
  3. agility
    noun/ Quickness of mind or body.
  4. allot
    verb/ To assign or distribute as a portion or share.
  5. balmy
    adj/ Soothing or mild
  6. congregate
    verb/ To come together in a group, assemble.
  7. divert
    verb/ To turn aside.

    To entertain or amuse.
  8. diversion
    noun/ The act of turning from a course or concern

    Something that amuses or entertains.
  9. humdrum
    adj/ Lacking excitement; boring or monotonous
  10. influx
    noun/ A flowing or pouring in; arrival in massive numbers
  11. intricate
    adj/ Complicated; having many related details or parts.
  12. memento
    noun/ Something kept as a reminder of a past event; a souvenir
  13. query
    noun/ A question.

    verb/ To ask or ask about.
  14. sporadic
    adj/ Happening occasionally; not regularly
  15. staple
    noun/ A basic food that is used frequently and in large amounts.

    A U-shaped fastener with sharp points.

    • verb/ To attach with the U-shaped fasterner with sharp ends.
    • adj/ Most important; principal
  16. tumult
    noun/ Noisy excitement; an uproar or disturbance.
  17. unseemly
    adj/ Not suitable; inappropriate or improper
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