WW Lesson 7

  1. claustrophobia
    noun/ An abnormal fear of narrow, enclosed spaces.
  2. colleague
    noun/ An associate or coworker of similar status
  3. condescend
    verb/ To lower oneself to a position one considers inferior.

    To behave in an offensively superior manner
  4. condescending
    adj/ Showing an offensively superior manner.
  5. contingent
    adj/ Conditional; depending on something else

    Likely, but not certain to happen; possible

    noun/ A group that is part of a larger one.
  6. daunt
    verb/ To discourage or intimidate
  7. daunting
    adj/ So difficult or dangerous as to discourage.
  8. deluge
    noun/ A downpour of rain; a flood

    A flood of anything.

    verb/ To flood or overwhelm
  9. dispel
    verb/ To clear away; to remove or get rid of, as if by scattering
  10. dub
    verb/ To give a title, nickname, or description to
  11. fanfare
    noun/ A sounding of trumpets or other brass instruments

    Any showy display
  12. fledgling
    noun/ A young bird just learning to fly.

    A young and inexperienced person.
  13. inane
    adj/ Empty; shallow or silly
  14. inanity
    noun/ Foolishness; a silly or pointless act.
  15. mettle
    noun/ Courage to bear up under difficult circumstances; spirit
  16. negligible
    adj/ Small and unimportant, not worth noticing.
  17. protract
    verb/ To draw out or lengthen (in time)
  18. replica
    noun/ A copy or reproduction, especially one on a smaller scale than the original
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