WW Lesson 6

  1. anarchy
    noun/ Total absence of government

    Lack of order; total confusion
  2. apprehend
    verb/ To seize; to arrest

    To grasp the meaning of; to understand
  3. arraign
    verb/ To bring before a court to face charges
  4. assimilate
    verb/ To absorb into a population

    to take in a part and absorb into the whole
  5. bizarre
    adj/ Strikingly out of the ordinary; peculiar
  6. calamity
    noun/ An event that causes great suffering and harm; a disaster
  7. calamitous
    adj/ Disastrous
  8. conspire
    verb/ To plan together secretly to do something wrong or illegal

    To plan or act together
  9. conspiracy
    noun/ A joining with others to plan or carry out unlawful acts.
  10. dissension
    noun/ A difference of opinion; disagreement
  11. elapse
    verb/ To pass or slip by (used with time)
  12. imminent
    adj/ About to happen; likely to occur in the very near future.
  13. interrogate
    verb/ To ask questions of, especially in a thorough or formal manner.
  14. interrogation
    noun/ The act of questioning
  15. lionize
    verb/ To treat as a celebrity.
  16. meticulous
    adj/ Extremely careful; attentive to small details.
  17. shackle
    noun/ A ring or band put around the arm or leg to prevent free movement.

    Something that prevents free movement

    verb/ To prevent freedom of action
  18. swelter
    verb/ To suffer from or to be overcome by great heat.
  19. sweltering
    adj/ Very hot and humid; uncomfortable because of extreme hot weather
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