WW Lesson 5

  1. audacious
    adj/ Willing to take risks; daring

    Showing disrespect or a lack of courtesy
  2. audacity
    noun/ Willingness to take risks by showing excessive boldness
  3. confiscate
    verb/ To seize, by force if necessary; to take possession of
  4. conscientious
    adj/ Thorough; careful

    Honest; principled
  5. depict
    verb/ To give a picture of; to describe
  6. embark
    verb/ To go on board a ship or airplane at the start of a voyage.

    To start out, to begin
  7. inkling
    noun/ A slight suspicion; a vague idea
  8. lackadaisical
    adj/ Showing little spirit or enthusiasm
  9. mutiny
    noun/ Deliberate refusal to obey orders given by those in command, especially by sailors.

    verb/ To rebel openly against a commander
  10. pilfer
    verb/ To steal repeatedly small amounts or things that are of little value.
  11. profusion
    noun/ A plentiful supply; a great or generous amount
  12. profuse
    adj/ Given or occurring in a generous amount; abundant.
  13. prudent
    adj/ Very careful; showing judgement and wisdom
  14. prudence
    noun/ The avoidance of risk; carefulness in what one says or does
  15. rankle
    verb/ To cause continuing anger or irritation
  16. rebuke
    verb/ To critisize strongly; to reprimand

    noun/ A sharp criticism.
  17. serene
    adj/ Calm and untroubled; peaceful
  18. serenity
    noun/ A calm and untroubled state of mind
  19. slovenly
    adj/ Untidy; carelessly done
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