Chapters 3,4,5

  1. Suffrage
    The right to vote
  2. Electoral College
    a group of people selected by each state legislature to select the President and VP
  3. Anti-federalists
    those who opposed the ratification of constitution
  4. Petition
    a formal request for government action
  5. Bureaucracy
    complex systems with many departments, many rules, and many people in the chain of command
  6. Slander
    Spoken lies that are harmful to someone's reputation
  7. Libel
    written lies that are harmful to someone's reputation
  8. Federalism
    a form of government in which power is divided between the federal government and the states
  9. 3/5ths Compromise
    agreement providing that enslaved persons would count as 3/5ths of other persons in determining representation in congress
  10. The Bill of Rights
    the first 10 amendments to the Constitution
  11. Great Compromise
    an agreement providing a dual system of congressional representation
  12. Federalists
    supporters of the constitution
  13. expressed powers
    • national government
    • "Enumerated" powers
    • national systems, foreign affairs, postal system, regulate trade, pass laws
  14. reserved powers
    • state government
    • local laws, conduct elections, public schools
  15. popular sovereignty
    power lies with the people
  16. concurrent powers
    • both state and federal government have these powers
    • collect taxes
  17. virginia plan
    new jersey plan
  18. slander
    spoken lies
  19. Libel
    printed lies
  20. Indictment
    a formal charge by a grand jury of your peers (serious federal crime)
  21. Double Jury
    cannot be charged for the same crime twice
  22. Due Process
    following established legal procedures
  23. Eminent Domain
    Gov't cant take land for public use
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