WW Lesson 3

  1. anonymous
    adj/ Of an unknown source or unrevealed name.
  2. anthology
    noun/ A collection of various writings, such as songs, stories, or poems.
  3. conjecture
    noun/ A conclusion based on guesswork or insufficient evidence.

    verb/ To form an opinion while lacking sufficient evidence.
  4. disposition
    noun/ A person's usual mood; temperament

    A regular tendency or inclination
  5. encompass
    verb/ To enclose or encircle

    To include
  6. extricate
    verb/ To free from a difficult or tangled situation.
  7. generation
    noun/ One step in the line of descent of a family.

    All the people born and living about the same time.

    The average span of time between the birth of parents and their children.
  8. guile
    noun/ Cunning or deceit in dealing with others; trickery
  9. imperative
    adj/ Urgent; pressing

    Having the power or authority to command.
  10. instill
    verb/ To introduce gradually in order to establish securely.
  11. modify
    verb/ To make less extreme or severe.

    To make changes in.

    In grammar, to limit or restrict in meaning: The adverb _______ the verb.
  12. pivot
    noun/ A small bar or rod on which something else turns.

    A person or thing on which others depend

    verb/ To turn on, or as if on a point.
  13. pivotal
    adj/ Vitally important; significant
  14. prevalent
    adj/ commonly occurring; widely accepted or practiced.
  15. recur
    verb/ to come up again or to happen again.

    to come to mind again.
  16. recurrence
    noun/ The act of coming up again, or coming to mind again.
  17. spontaneous
    adj/ Voluntary and unplanned

    Occurring or produced without human labor
  18. spontaneity
    noun/ The quality or condition of occurring in an unplanned manner
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