WW Lesson 2

  1. abrasion
    noun/ A wearing away or rubbing away by friction.

    A scraped or worn area
  2. abrasive
    adj/ Causing wear by rubbing

    Harsh or rough in manner; irritating
  3. clad
    adj/ Clothed or covered
  4. corroborate
    verb/ To provide evidence to make more certain; to confirm
  5. cursory
    adj/ Done in a hurry and with little attention to detail.
  6. dehydrate
    verb/ To remove water from

    To become dry; to lose water from
  7. derive
    verb/ To take or receive from a source

    To obtain through reasoning. We ________ the answer to the question by applying Ohm's law.
  8. electrify
    verb/ To wire or equip with electric power

    To thrill or shock
  9. endeavor
    verb/ To attempt earnestly

    noun/ A serious, earnest effort toward a goal.
  10. gingerly
    adj/ Cautious; very careful

    adv/ With extreme care or concern.
  11. grimace
    verb/ To make a face expressing feelings of pain, disgust, or contempt

    noun/ A facial expression that seems to express pain, contempt, or disgust.
  12. gruesome
    adj/ Causing shock or horror
  13. inventory
    noun/ A list of possessions or goods on hand

    The stock of goods on hand.

    verb/ To make a complete list of.
  14. simulate
    verb/ To take on the qualities of another; to imitate.

    To pretend
  15. simulation
    noun/ An imitation of a possible situation.
  16. succumb
    verb/ To give up or give in to; to yield

    To cease to exist; to die
  17. surmise
    verb/ To suppose something without sufficient evidence.

    noun/ A guess
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