eating and drinking

  1. a big eater
    sb who eats a lot
  2. to bolt sth down
    to eat very quickly
  3. I could eat a horse
    i'm very hungry
  4. crockery
    collect. noun
  5. cutlery
    collect. noun
    столовые приборы
  6. dig in!
    inf. start eating
  7. to eat sb out of house and home
    guests who ate all food
  8. to be famished/starving/ravenous
    to be very hungry
  9. to grab a bit to eat
    to quickly have sth to eat
  10. to be/feel peckish
    to be a little hungry
  11. to pick at your food
    to eat your food very slowly
  12. to wolf sth down
    to eat sth very quickly
  13. to work up an appetite
    to do sth which makes you hungry
  14. to be gasping for a drink
    to be extremely thirsty
  15. on the house
    sth that you are given in a cafe you don't need to pay
  16. to be parched
    to be vry thirsty
  17. to quench your thirst
    to satisfy your thirst
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