1. the crash barrier
    strong law fence built along or between 2 halves of a motorway
  2. to dent a car
    to damage a metal of a car
  3. to do ...kph
    to drive at ...kph
  4. to draw up
    to pull up
    to stop in vehicle
  5. (to be on) full beam
    lights are on maximum
  6. a hairpin bend
    крутой поворот
  7. to jump a red light
    to pass through a traffic light that is red
  8. the lights changed
    the traffic lights turnd red or green
  9. to mount the pavement
    to go up on the pavement while driving
  10. to pull away
    to strat driving
  11. to pull into somewhere
    to leave the road in order to stop somewhere
  12. to pull out
    to join the traffic
  13. to pull (sb) over
    to park at the side of the road
  14. to put a car into reverse
    to change into reverse gear
  15. to skid
    to slide on the road
  16. to speed
    to go faster than the speed limit
  17. to stall
    the engine of a car stops suddenly
  18. to swerve to avoid sth
    to move one's car sideways suddenly
  19. to tow
  20. to tow (sth) away
  21. to write (a car) off

    a write-off
    повредить под списание
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