WW Lesson 1

  1. avid
    adj / Having a strong desire for, to the point of greed

    Eager, enthusuastic
  2. brusque
    adj/ Abrupt in manner or speech: gruff
  3. concise
    adj / Short and to the point
  4. demean
    verb / To cause a lowering of self-esteem: to lower in reputation or character
  5. despicable
    adj / Deserving contempt or scorn
  6. emulate
    verb / To try to equal: to imitate
  7. evoke
    verb / To call forth: to produce

    To bring to mind, often by suggestion //the tinkling notes evoked for me the carefree days of my past
  8. excruciating
    adj/ very painful
  9. inaugurate
    verb/ to install in office with a formal ceremony
  10. pervade
    verb / To spread throughout.
  11. proprietor
    noun / An owner of a store or other business
  12. pseudonym
    noun/ A fictitious name used by an author; a pen name
  13. rebuff
    • verb/ To reject bluntly
    • To drive back

    noun/ A blunt rejection
  14. resilient
    adj/ Capable of recovering quickly from misfortune.

    Returning quickly to an original shape or condition
  15. resilience
    noun/ The ability to recover

    The ability to spring back
  16. turbulent
    adj/ Chaotic: unruly

    Stormy; tempestuous
  17. turbulence
    noun/ Great disturbance or agitation.

    Rapid changes in wind speed and direction in the atmosphere
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