1. What are the boney landmark on the anterior side of the scapula
    Superior Angle, Medial (vertebral) Angle, inferior angle, Axillary ( lateral) border, acromion, coracoid process, subscapular fossa
  2. What are the boney landmarks of the posterior side?
    Infraspionus fossa, root of spine supraapinous fossa
  3. What muscle flex the humerous at the shoulder
    Pec Major, Anterior Deltoid, Bicep Brachii
  4. What muscle Abduct the humerus at the shoulder?
    Suprspinatus, Middle deltoid, upper fibers of infraspinatius
  5. What muscle adduct the humerous at the shoulder
    Latissimus Dorsi, Teres Major, Tricep Brachii long head, Pec Major
  6. What Muscle Extend the shoulder?
    Latissimus Dorsi, Teres Major, Posterior Deltoid, Pec Major, Tricep Brachii (long head)
  7. What muscle horizontally abducts the humerus at shoulder?
    Posterior Deltoid
  8. What muscle Horizontally Adducts the humerus at the shoulder
    Anterior Deltoid, Pec Major
  9. What muscle laterally rotate humerous at shoulder?
    Infraspinatus, Posterior Deltoid, Teres minor
  10. What muscle medially rotates humerus at shoulder?
    Subscapularis, Latissimus Dorsi, Teres Major, Pec Major, Anterior Deltoid
  11. What are the four rotator cuff muscles
    Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres minor, Subscapularius
  12. What muscle attaches to the medial (vertebral) border of the scapula?
    Rhombiods, Levator Scapula
  13. What muscle attach to the lateral (axillary) border of the scapula?
    Teres Major, Teres Minor
  14. What muscles elevate the scapula?
    Upper trapizeus, Levator scapula
  15. What muscles retract (adducts) the scapula?
    Rhomboids, middle and lower trapezius
  16. What muscle upward rotated the scapula?
    Upper and Lower trapezius
  17. What muscle downward rotates scapula?
    Rhomboids, Levator scapula
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