1. oral mucosa
    the tissue tht lines the oral cavity, has three general layers consisting of epithelium, basement memebrane, and lamina propia
  2. lamina propria
    new name for the connective tissue proper, it has the same layers but with new names
  3. papillary layer
    • loose connective tissue with papilla (finger like projections into the overlying epithelium)
    • layer of lamina propria
  4. capillary plexus
    • capillary system that runs between the two layers and sends more capillaries up into each papilla
    • layer of lamina propria
  5. dense layer
    • dense connective tissue
    • layer of lamina propria
  6. submucosa
    • may or may not be present deep to the dense layer. it can be adipose tissue, saliva glands, or muscle.
    • if this is not present the connective tissue will connect directly to the bone and become the mucperiosteum covering the bone
  7. mucoperiosteum
    connective tissue that connects directly to the bone covering it if submucosa is not present
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