Reconstitution of Powder meds

  1. What's the purpose behind reconstitution of powdered medications?
    Some meds are unstable or lose their strength or potency faster when stored as liquid form.
  2. How are powdered meds packaged?
    They come in powder form and they must be dissolved by a liquid, which we call solvent or diluent.
  3. Describe what qualifies as a solvent or diluent.
    Usually sterile saline or sterile water preservative free. Info can be found on drug insert.
  4. This is the resulting mixture of a solute plus solvent.
  5. This liquid substance dissolves another substance to prepare a solution.
    Solvent or Diluent
  6. This substance is to be dissolved or diluted. It can be in a solid form or liquid form.
  7. What is the most important thing when doing the reconstitution procedure?
    #1 Read the directions!
  8. Medication allows for a choice of multiple strength solutions, who decides which solution to make?
    Nursing judgment
  9. In order for concentration of solution to be correct...
    add exact amount of diluent to vial.
  10. There are 2 ways to inject diluent into vial.
    • 1. Injecting diluent with vial upright.
    • 2. Injecting diluent with vial inverted and needle above solution.
  11. After diluent is added to vial, how do we make sure all medication is dissolved?
    • 1. Swirl vial, avoid shaking, or rub vial between hands
    • 2. NO clumps
    • 3. NO particles floating
  12. Once med is mixed what do we do next?
    • 1. Label syringe/IV bag completely.
    • 2. Label vial including expiration date if will be used again
    • 3. Store according to manufacturer's instructions, refrigerate or discard
    • 4. Administer med according to MD orders
  13. What factor may dictate the amount of diluent?
    Whether med will be given IM or IV
  14. Why do we combine meds from 2 vials?
    Avoids need to give 2 IM injections
  15. Before we can mix meds from 2 vials, what must we do first?
    Check compatibility of meds using drug reference, compatibility chart, or asking pharmacist
  16. What's the maximum amount of fluid we can give IM for a large muscle?
  17. What's the time frame for mixed meds?
    Must be administered within 15min.
  18. Once we figure out how much med we need to draw from each vial what must we inject into the vial first?
    Air (how much = how much we are drawing from vial)
  19. When we get an air bubble while mixing meds, what do we do next?
  20. After we mix meds, what do we do with the needle?
    Change the needle before administration.
  21. If we are mixing controlled substances, what do we need?
    Need a witness when doing waste. (in clinical = instructor RN + RN)
  22. What do we know about proper medication disposal?
    No Drugs Down the Drain! Check hospital policy on how to discard.
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