1. prone to develop heart disease
    diabetes leads to vascular problems
  2. nsaids interact with
    motrin - oral hypoglycemics
  3. muscle relaxant used to reduce muscle spasticity
  4. cerebryl palsy
  5. gum dosage form
    aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid)
  6. causes problems for persons who drink alcohol daily
    OTC and mixed analgesics
  7. large molecule broken down to produce thyroglobuline
    thyroid gland
  8. birth control pills, prevent uterine cancer, menstral dysfunction, endometrial hyperplasia
  9. dangers of using nicotine and estrogen
    increased risk of blood clots
  10. yeastlike fungus
  11. adverse effect due to increased sodium excretions
    corticosteroids - hypotension is not
  12. lowers blook glucose by delaying hydrolysis of injecsted comlex carbohydrates and disaccharides and the absorption of glucose
    acarbose - precose
  13. sypmtoms of estrogen difficiency
    vasomotor instability, syspareunia, estrogen depletion, atrophy of vaginal mucosa, insomnia, irratbility
  14. estrogen replacement therapy
    increased risk for blood clots and increased risk of breast cancer
  15. less than 70 ml per deciliter
    acute hypoglycemia
  16. product of bldys sweat glands (eccrine sweat glands)
    consist of water and salts
  17. growth hormone - fundamental homone that affects metabolism, skeletal growth, and somatick growth; deficiency causes growth retardation
    growth hormone releasing factor
  18. substance becomes toxic to a cell upon exposure to light
  19. abnormal sensitivity to light, but include inscreased sensitivity of the skin to sunlight
  20. most common reaction to drug
  21. precancerous condition resulting from overexposre to sunlight
    actinic keratosis
  22. should not exceed 2 weeks or 50 g per week
    high potency steroids
  23. cytomegalovirus (cmv) inflammation of the retina caused by a viral infection
    vitravene (fomivirsen) injection
  24. chronic dry eye
    cyclosporine - restasis
  25. light colored eyes brown
    latanaprost - zalatan
  26. sun damaged skin
    redness and peeling
  27. excessive secretion of oil
  28. herpes, warts, coldsores - virus
    excema - no virus
  29. candidiasis
    fungal infections
  30. technique that uses the information processing capabilities of living cells for human purposes; artificial dna produced in a lab by inserting strands of dna from one organism into that of another
    recombinant dna
  31. small circular ring of dna that can insert itself into bacterial genes and can carry genes from one bacterial cell to another
  32. reside in spleen and lymph nodes
    t cells
  33. responsible for transplant rejection
    cellular immunity
  34. hodgkin disease
    procarbazine - matulane
  35. orthoclone
    accute allograft rejection in renal transplance, causes severe pulmonary edema
  36. stimulates bone marrow to produce blood cells
    colony stimulating factors
  37. found in fish oil
    vitamin a, retinol
  38. label stating not for iv use
    all enterals
  39. vitamins in just before administration
  40. body loses water with aging
    newborns may have as much as 75% water
  41. moderate malnutrition
    20% reduction in body mass; severe is 40%
  42. natures prozac
    st johns wart
  43. acetaminaphen overdose
    acetylcysteine (acetadote, mucomyst)
  44. hormones
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