Chapter ten

  1. Topography
    • Final soil-froming force.
    • It determins how water moves and how quickly soil erodes.
  2. Soil Profile-the layers called horizons defer in color and compostion of layers. not all Horizons are present in all soils
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    • O-litter
    • A-litter and topsoil
    • B-subsoil
    • C-transition zone
    • D-parent material
  3. Erosion
    occurs when rock and soilparticles are detached by wind and water, transported away, and deposited in to another location.
  4. Soil Erosion
    loss of soil from land is a major problem facing A.C
  5. Classifiecation of soil erosion
    • Natural erosion: occurs in areas in the absence of human intervention, happens at a slow rate that new soil is repalcing it.
    • Acelerated erosion:human activities such as overgrazing, fast rate that outstrips the formation of new soil.
  6. Desertification:
    • The processes by witch an area becomes a desert.
    • The rapid depletion of plant life and the loss of topsoil at desert boundaries and in semiarid regions, usually caused by a combination of drought and the overexploitation of grasses and other vegetation by ppl.
  7. Farmland conversion
    building cities, highways, shopping malls.
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