FC 76-100.txt

  1. You want to e-shoplift on a website. Which field do you change
    Hidden field
  2. What type of testing can you conduct if you are given only a company name
    Black-box testing
  3. Tripwire is an example of what
    System integrity verifier
  4. What is DNS poisoning
    DNS poisoning refers to the host receiving an incorrect IP address for a requested domain name.
  5. Melissa is an example of what type of virus
  6. Which database do Slammer worms target
    Microsoft SQL Server
  7. What is the reason for the increase in hacking attempts
    Tools are easier to use and more prolific.
  8. What encryption key is used for shared key authentication
  9. What makes WEP crackable
    Implementation of weak IVs
  10. What is a covert channel
    A communication channel that is used in a way it was not intended to be used
  11. If an Nmap scan is unsuccessful
    what is the next step
  12. What does a TCP FIN flag do
    Closes a connection
  13. What does a TCP SYN flag do
    Requests that a connection be opened
  14. What is Tripwire
    A system integrity verifier
  15. What does the traceroute program use to map a network path
    Time to live (TTL)
  16. What is a vulnerability
    A flaw in a system or code
  17. What is an exploit
    A breach of security that takes advantage of a vulnerability in a system or code
  18. What is a threat
    A situation that could cause a breach of security
  19. What is firewalking
    Testing firewall rules
  20. What is a bastion host
    A system fully exposed to attack
  21. What is a white hat
    Someone who hacks for offensive purposes
  22. What is a gray hat
    Someone who works for offensive or defensive purposes
  23. What type of keylogger cannot be detected by a virus scan or antispyware software
    Hardware keylogger
  24. What is phishing
    Using an email message to trick someone into giving out confidential information
  25. What type of attack does challenge/response authentication protect against
    Replay attack
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