FC 1 -25.txt

  1. What is the difference between an ethical hacker and a cracker
    An ethical hacker is a person who has the authorization and permission to probe a target. A cracker does not.
  2. RIPE and ARIN are examples of what
    Regional Internet Registries
  3. What is dumpster diving
    Looking through trash for confidential information
  4. What information will you find when running a Whois lookup
    A Whois lookup reveals contact information
  5. What is the IP address of the following hex: 0xde.0xad.0xbe.0xef
  6. What is the next step you would perform after footprinting
  7. What is the tool NSlookup used for
    Domain lookup
  8. What port number does DNS use
  9. What port number does HTTP use
  10. What port number does TFTP use
  11. What port number does FTP use
  12. What port number does POP use
  13. What is meant by the term "hacktivism"
    Hacktivism means hacking for a cause.
  14. What port number does SMTP use
  15. What port number does LDAP use
  16. If a router blocks ICMP
    what message is usually sent out
  17. What is Nessus
    An open source vulnerability scanning program
  18. What is GFI LANguard
    A Windows-based vulnerability assessment tool
  19. What is the fastest scan you can conduct if stealth is not an issue
    TCP connect
  20. In an XMAS scan
    what flag do you set to probe the target
  21. What is war dialing
    Using a modem to scan for phone connections in auto-answer mode
  22. True or false: It is necessary to spoof an IP address in order to perform a port-scan
    False. You do not need to spoof your IP address in order to perform a port scan.
  23. What is the switch for an Nmap ping scan
  24. Where do you search for information that can be used for hacking
    Whois lookups
  25. What switch is used in Nmap to detect the OS
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FC 1 -25.txt