yealey academic practice II

  1. What city is home to the Kentucky History Museum and the State Capitol Building?
  2. What scientific term refers to all the organisms of the same kind that live in the same place?
  3. D plus F equals F plus D is an example of which property of addition?
    Commutative (of addition)
  4. In what book by Patricia MacLachlan do Anna and Caleb learn to love their father's "mail-order bride?"
    Sarah Plain and Tall
  5. P times zero equals zero and zero times P equals zero are examples of which property of multiplication?
    (Property of) Zero
  6. In what city would you be traveling if you visited the Empire State Building and the former site of the World Trade Center?
    New York (City) or Manhattan
  7. What is the name of the green material in plants that absorbs energy from sunlight?
  8. A humorous poem written in 5 lines and having a rhyme scheme of AABBAA is called what?
  9. What punctuation mark ends an exclamatory sentence?
    Excalamation Point (exclamation mark)
  10. What is the result when you multiply 5 times 13?
  11. Give the term referring to anything that helps an animal live in its environment.
  12. Identify the annual award for the best children's book written by an American.
    Newberry (Medal)
  13. Identify the American who said, " We must all hang together, or most assuredly, we shall all hang separately," He's known for publishing Poor Richard's Almanack and for working with electricity.
    Benjamin Franklin
  14. Name the largest North American island.
  15. Identify the female captured by the English, convicted of heresy, and burned at the stake in 1431.
    Joan of Arc
  16. Give the name for either of the 2 days of the year when the sun is directly above the earth's equator.
    (Vernal or Autumnal) Equinox
  17. This question requires a multiple answer. In the sentence, "She raises her hand to answer the question," identify the verb and its tense.
    Raises, present (tense)
  18. Identify the sport is which the winner wins the "Old Mug," better known as the America's Cup.
    Yacht Racing
  19. Give the term referring to an angle that measures exactly 90o.
    Right (angle)
  20. Identify the Venezuelan falls that are the world's highest.
    Angel Falls
  21. What system, beginning with F, did the writers of the U.S. Constitution create to guarantee sharing of power between the states and national government?
    Federalism or Federal System
  22. What doctor developed the technique for forcing a person to expel food that is causing him to choke?
  23. The middle number or average of the two middle numbers in a set of numbers is known as what?
  24. What two word phrase is used to describe specific facts used to develop a subject, or bring a story to life?
    Supporting details
  25. Name the American cartoonist and animator that brought to the world Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck?
    (Walt) Disney
  26. Identify this art style of the late 19th century in which small patches or "points" of color are placed close together to build form.
  27. Give the two word name of the legal document that allows law enforcement officials to search a suspect's home for evidence.
    Search Warrant
  28. Which planet is closest to Earth and is about the same size as Earth?
  29. A fair six sided dice is tossed one time. The probability of getting a number under four is what?
    Fifty percent, or one half, or one to two.
  30. What do we call words that join words, phrases, or clauses?
  31. Repetition is used to create what principle of art design?
  32. Identify the term for a group of workers who join together in a group to improve their working conditions.
    (Labor) Unions
  33. What are the three common states of matter on earth?
    Solids, Liquids, Gases
  34. Give the next two terms in the sequence: AB12, CD10, EF8, GH6, and so on.
    IJ4, KL2
  35. What type of sentence is the following: She has curly hair.
  36. State the name for the furnace in which clay is fired in order to harden it.
  37. "The Gospel Train" and "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" are examples of which special type of songs sung by slaves?
    (Negro) Spirituals
  38. Name the musical instrument played by striking its wooden slats with wooden mallets.
  39. Identify the comic strip Viking created by cartoonist Dik Browne.
    Hagar The Horrible
  40. Identify this band of strong, flexible tissue that holds organs in place and connects bones together.
  41. Name the constellation called "the great bear" in which the Big Dipper is located.
    Ursa Major
  42. Name the national park that is the site of the highest waterfall in North America.
    Yosemite (National Park)
  43. This question requires a multiple answer. Name 2 of Santa's reindeer whose names begin with the letter C.
    Comet & Cupid
  44. Give the literary term in which 2 words, side by side, seem to contradict each other, as in "cruel kindness".
  45. Give the term referring to the members of the Religious Society of Friends.
  46. Convert 10 pints into cups.
    20 cups
  47. Name this post that is carved and painted with symbolic animal faces by some Indian tribes of the northwestern coast of North America.
    Totem (pole)
  48. Identify the sculptor of the Statue of Liberty.
    Auguste Bartholdi
  49. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, curved and zigzag are types of them. Which element of art is created by a mark drawn by a pointed, moving tool?
  50. What part of speech is a person, place or thing?
  51. What is the probability of rolling a four on a number cube labeled one through six?
    one sixth (also one out of six)
  52. What is the name of the imaginary line that runs through the center of the earth around which the earth rotates?
  53. Multiple answer required. What are three certain unalienable rights listed by Thomas Jefferson in the Delcaration of Independence?
    Life, Liberty, (and the) Pursuit of happiness
  54. What is the name for a piece of engraved wood inked to make a print?
  55. What is the simple subject of the following sentence: Abby went to the candy store.
  56. Mr. Cooper played a game with his math class. When he said thirteen, his students said 26. When he said 18, they said 31. What did the students say when Mr. Cooper said thirty- two?
  57. What scientific term is defined as the tendency of a moving object to stay in motion, or a resting object to stay still?
  58. Name the economic system in which there is an exchange or trade of goods or services without using money.
  59. Identify the art form used in the creation of moving cartoons for television and movies.
  60. What American president was a high-ranking general during World-War Two?
    (Dwight David "Ike") Eisenhower
  61. Mary wants to buy three cans of tomato sauce. The sign in the grocery store window reads five cans for two dollars. How much will the three cans cost, excluding tax?
  62. What do we call an array of wet or dry cells in which chemical energy is turned into electrical energy?
  63. Many novelists tend to tell stories about their own families. This seems to be what Louisa May Alcott did as she portrayed Jo in what Civil War romance?
    Little Women
  64. American author Eleanor Porter wrote about a young girl who always looks on the bright side of things. What was this character's name?
  65. Identify the conjunction in the following sentence: He went to the grocery, but he forgot to buy milk.
  66. What is the addictive agent in cigarettes called?
  67. What painting method uses finely ground pigment mixed with a base of egg yolk?
  68. What is the Roman numeral for 14?
  69. Born into slavery, this agricultural chemist found many uses for southern crops such as peanuts and sweet potatoes. Who was this famous black man who never applied for a patent on any of his numerous discoveries?
    (George Washington) Carver
  70. The music's beat, accent, and tempo are all associated with this element. Which element of music can be defined as the element of time in music?
  71. In the book "Holes" by Louis Sacher, the main character is unjustly sent to Camp Green Lake. Who is this character?
    Stanley Yelnats (either first or last name)
  72. Use the grouping property of multiplication to solve the following problem. One times six times nine.
  73. What is the name of the small one-celled organisms from the plant kngdom that contain chlorophyll and live in water?
    Algae (do not accept moss)
  74. Which river has the largest drainage basin within the state of Kentucky?
    Green River
  75. Give the name of the earliest form of jazz that appeared in the early 1900s and was known for its "ragged" syncopated rhythms?
  76. "A Light in the Attic" is a collection of poetry by what author?
    (Shel) Silverstein
  77. A new CD costs fifteen dollars. Ignoring taxes, how many CD's could Jonah buy with one hundred fifty dollars?
  78. What is the two word name of the hard covering that protects a seed?
    Seed Coat
  79. Which Kentucky native was given the nickname the "Great Emancipator"?
    (Abraham) Lincoln
  80. Identify the lightest tint.
  81. Identify the type of error illustrated by the following sentence, " The boys was climbing the tree."
    subject-verb agreement
  82. What is the name of a triangle with one angle measuring more than 90o?
    Obtuse triangle
  83. How many bones are in the cranium?
  84. Name the Australian composer of Don Giovanni, The Marriage of Figaro, and The Magic Flute.
    Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart
  85. Identify the branch of drama or fiction in which the characters are treated humorously; there is a happy ending; and the audience is amused.
  86. Give the expanded form of 7,892.
    7,000 + 800 + 90 + 2
  87. What reference material would you use if you needed to look up some different synonyms for big?
  88. In the word bicycle, identify the meaning of the prefix.
  89. Give the name of President George Washington's Secretary of State. His home was called Monticello.
    Thomas Jefferson
  90. Give the reciprocal of 5/12.
  91. Name the only president of the Confederate States of America.
    Jefferson Davis
  92. Give the literary term referring to the people or animals in a story.
  93. What is the symbol in music that indicates the pitch of the notes on the staff is above middle C?
    treble clef
  94. How many eggs would you have if you bought 10 dozen?
    120 eggs
  95. After his parents died, Jeffrey Lionel Magee's life becomes legendary in the 1991 Newbery Medal Award winner Maniac Magee written by which author?
    Jerry Spinelli
  96. What was the name for the deep ditch, filled with water, and formed around castles?
  97. Cells work together to form tissue. A group of tissues work together to form what?
  98. Brazil is the largest country located on which continent?
    South America
  99. Find the perimeter of a square with one side measuring 5 inches.
    20 inches
  100. Give the term referring to an animal that eats another animal.
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