AP Spanish

  1. alojamiento
    lodging or housing
  2. apartamento
    apartment (some countries departamento)
  3. asamblea estudiantil
    student association or assembly. similar to our university student associations
  4. baile
  5. cafeteria (acento i)
    cafeteria. in some universities its called cantina or comedor
  6. caminata
    walk or hike
  7. capellania (acento i)
    chaplaincy. many universities including public ones have an organization for providing spiritual counseling to students. If the organization is operatred directly by the catholic church it is likely to be called la pastoral
  8. centro estudiantil
    student center
  9. cine
    the movies
  10. cita
    date, sometimes has negative connotation you can always "salir con" go out with someone
  11. companero (tilde) de cuarto
  12. concierto
  13. concursos
    competitions, any competition against another school other than sports. (debate/music)
  14. coro
    • choir, chorale chorus
    • not serious, open to all students
  15. debate
    debate, popular activity
  16. dia (acento i) de camp
    picnic or outdoor excursion
  17. discoteca
    disco or discotheque
  18. estadio
    stadium. universities in spain and latin america do not typically have huge sport stadiums like in the us
  19. fin de semana
  20. futbol (acento u)
    soccer, most popular sport. there arent any "big time" college sports like football
  21. huelga estudiantil
    student strike, popular in hispanic world
  22. museo
  23. novio/a
  24. pension (acento o)
    room rented in a house, usually with meals provided
  25. recamara (acento first a)
    bedroom (mexico)
  26. residencia estudiantil
    student residence or dorm (uncommon in spain and latin america)
  27. revista universitaria
    university magazine
  28. seminarios
  29. servicio social
    social service, many universities have community service organizations
  30. talleres
  31. teatro
    theater, most productions are extracurricular not just from drama majors
  32. transporte
    transportation, preferible to transportacion (acento o)
  33. viaje
  34. vivienda
  35. charlar
    chat or talk informally
  36. desvelarse
    to stay up all night, also trasnochar
  37. divertirse
    to have fun
  38. pasarlo bien
    to have a good time
  39. pasarlo mal
    to not have a good time
  40. practicar
    to play or participate.
  41. salir (con)
    go out (with)
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