Form & Analysis Midterm

  1. Allemande
    A dance in moderate duple time
  2. Bouree
    A dance usually in quick duple meter with a single upbeat
  3. Courante
    A dance in moderate to quick triple time, usually with continuous running figures (melody-accompaniment form)
  4. Double
    A simple type of variation, mostly using the addition of embellishments
  5. Gavotte
    A dance in moderate 4/4 time, with an upbeat of two quarter notes
  6. Gigue
    A dance characterized by compound duple time, dotted rhythm, wide intervals and fugal writing
  7. Loure
    A dance in moderate 6/4 time leaning heavily on the strong beats
  8. Minuet
    A dance in 3/4 meter and a moderate tempo
  9. Prelude
    An introduction to a suite (not in binary form)
  10. Sarabande
    A dance in slow triple meter with an accent on the second beat
  11. Anglaise
    A fast duple meter only found in Bach's suites
  12. Chaconne
    A composition made up of a series of repeating chords often in 3/4 time
  13. What is the order of dances in a suite?
    Prelude, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Optional, Gigue
  14. What dances are optional?
    Gavotte, Minuet, Chaconne, Bourre, Loure, Anglaise
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Form & Analysis Midterm