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  1. enlarging of the nose, resulting from severe acne rosacea
  2. crusty, slightly raised lesinons in mature sun damaged skin
    Seborrheic Keratoses
  3. outermost parts of the skin
  4. follicle opening
  5. broken capillaries commonly refereed to as couperose
  6. biochemical inflammation that cannot be seen with the naked eyes
    subclinnical inflammation
  7. inflammation of the follicular wall
    perifollicular inflammation
  8. redness and bumpiness caused by blocked hair follicles
    keratosis pilaris
  9. formation of new epidermis and dermis over an area of injury
  10. skin disorder characterized by flaky, red patchy skin
    seborrheic dermatitis
  11. redness that comes and goes
    transient erythema
  12. subtype of rosacea with large papules and pustles
    papulopustular rosacea
  13. bacteria that cause acne vulgaris
    p. acnes
  14. acne-loke condition around the mouth
    periroal dermatitis
  15. related to the blood
  16. the maturation phase of would healing
  17. biochemical within the skin that triggers capillary growth
    vascular growth factor
  18. type of yeast associated with seborrheic dermatitis
    pitrosporum ovale
  19. steriod made from the hormone estrogen that gives women female characteristics
  20. hair follicle
  21. male horme
  22. itching and tingling of the skin experienced during menopause
  23. dark melanin splotches that are caused by trauma to the skin
    post imflamatory hyperpigmentation
  24. opening or dilation of the blood vessels resulting in flushing
  25. subtype of rosacea in which the nose has a thickened appearance
    phymatous rosacea
  26. a time in a women's life when the ovaries stop producing eggs
  27. swelling caused by infection of injury
  28. a closed, abnormall developed sac containgin fluid and infection
  29. flat spot or discoloratin of the skin such as a freckle
  30. any inflammatory condition of the skin
  31. first menstraul period
  32. black head
  33. inflammation of the hair follicle
  34. thinking of the skin caused by mass keratinized cells
  35. male hormone responsible for development of male characteristics
  36. most common and least severe type of skin cancer
    basal cell carcinoma
  37. chemicals that cause glands to make hormones
    trophic hormones
  38. lack of pigment
  39. redness caused by inflammation
  40. overproduction of pigment
  41. hormone that helps prepare the uterus for pregnancy
  42. white head
  43. pink or fleshy colored precancerous lesions
    actinic keratosis
  44. pregnancy mask
  45. birthmark or mole
  46. disorder where clients purposely scrape off acne lesions
    acne excoroiee
  47. liver spots
  48. genetically related to overactive immune system and is prevelent in individuals with nasal allergies
    atopic dermatitis
  49. tendency to caused clogged pores resulting in comedones
  50. chronic inflammatory skin disorder of the sebaceous glands
  51. large blister
  52. solidified impaction of oil without cell matter
    sebaceous filaments
  53. refereed to as tumors
  54. fungal infection
  55. bron or wine colored discoloration
  56. open lesion accompanied by loss of skin depth
  57. small elevation on the skin that contains no fluid, a pimple
  58. razor bumps
  59. severe oiliness of he skin
  60. itching
  61. sebaceous cyst or subctaneous tumor filled with sebum
  62. A crack in the skin that penetrated the dermis
  63. characterized by flat nonpalpable changes in skin color
    primary lesion
  64. wart
  65. inflamed papule
  66. hives
  67. a ______ is a chemical released by cells that signal other chemical immune respones
  68. a second-degree sunburn is an example of a ______ wound
    stage two
  69. it is essential to keep a superfical injury ________ to speed healing
  70. which stage of healing is also know as the remodeling stage
    maturation phase
  71. a repaired wound will eventually peak at
    80% of the original strength
  72. which type of suture involves a series of loops held in place with a know at each end
    running sutures
  73. for a significant cut on the hand, it is safe during the initial phases of wound healing to
    wash your hands
  74. sunscreens are commonly recommended for a healing wound
    once the skin has sealed
  75. in order to be effective, a silocone patch should be worn for
    at least 12 hours a day
  76. the risks of ling therapy around the mouth include
    all answers
  77. which of these should you suggest to a client wit sunburn
    cool packs
  78. long-term sun exposure causes which of thes conditions
    (hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, elastosis)
    all answer
  79. short-term sun exposure is belived to do which of the following
    supress the immune functions of the skin
  80. what does the term dermatoleliosis refer to
    long term sun damage
  81. in sun damage skin
    the surface becomes uneven
  82. actininic keratoses are commonly treated with
    cryotherapy and chemical
  83. seborrheic keratoses are _______ lesions
    brown, black, yellowish, or gray
  84. if you see lesions on a client's skin and belived that he or she has skin cancer, you should;
    refer to a dermatologist
  85. mohs surgery is a surgical treatment option for
    squamous cell carcinomas
  86. what does the D stand for in the ABCDE of skin cancer
  87. what is the most common form of acne
    acne veulgaris
  88. which of these is an example of an inflammatory acne lesion
  89. open comedones do not encorage development of bacterial growth because they
    allow too much oxygen into the follicles
  90. a closed comedo become inflamed
    when it grows large enough to tear the follicle walls
  91. ______ acne is what is thought of by most people as typical teenage acne
    grade 3
  92. standard scars form when the skin
    product lots of collagen in the affected area
  93. many researchers belive that which part of a woman's face is most responsive to male hormone sebaceous stimulation
  94. a client may experience flare-ups of acne when _______ birth control pills
    (stopping, changing, starting)
    all of these
  95. premenstrual acne flare-ups are primarily caused by
    sudden irritation
  96. what caused the irritaiton that results in keratosis pilaris
    a hair trying to force its way out of the follicle
  97. what effect does tanning have on acne
    it hides it
  98. acne excoriee lesions are generally
  99. which of these types of food causes acne
    (pizza, chocolate, nuts)
  100. seborrheic dermatitis is most often seen
    in the T-zone of the face
  101. perioral dermatitis most often occur in
    women between the ages of 20-35
  102. which of these statements is true
    almost all clients with rosacea have telangiectases
  103. the topical drug used to treat rosacea
    an antiyeast medication
  104. rosacea subtype four is
    ocular rosacea
  105. rosacea is most common in
    pale-skinned people
  106. you should refer a client to a doctor for medical evaluation
    (when there is an undiagnosed rash on the skin, enlarging blemish on the skin, expectations that are beyond your scope of practice)
    all answer
  107. where is your pituitary gland
    the center of your head
  108. what do trophic hormones do
    cause other glands to make hormones
  109. which of these is also known as the emergency hormone
  110. the function of the ______is not well understood
    pineal gland
  111. the testes are connected to one another by the
    vas deferens
  112. the weakest of the estrogens is
  113. sexual function of the sex glands generally begins to take place around what age
  114. for many teenagers, puberty marks the beginning of (acne breakouts, oily scalp, body order)
    all answer
  115. you should not us ______ in the beginning of a teenager's first facial
  116. after a teenager gets a little order, how often should salon treatments generally be administered
    at least once a month
  117. during _______ of the menstrauation cycle, the hypothalamus senses low levels of estrogen and progesterone and signals the pituitary glands to secrete FSH and LH.
    phase one
  118. how long does phase five of the menstrual cycle last
    about two weeks
  119. when should you begin treatment for a pregnancey mask
    pregnancey is over
  120. in many cases, acne-prone skin will become worse in the beginning of pregnancey, and then become much better in the _____ month
    third or fourth
  121. which of these is not a common symptom of prementrual syndrome (PMS)
    unusual weight loss
  122. women frequently experience acne flar-ups
    7-10 days before menstruation
  123. what are the two appearance problems related to birth control pills
    acne and hyperpigmentation
  124. the symptoms associated with menopause also commonly appear after
    a hysterectomy
  125. which of these is a symptom of perimenopause ( thinning hair, excess hair growth on the face, increased oiliness or dryness of the skin)
    all of these
  126. if a woman experiences formication during menopause, it means that
    she ha a coninuous tingling, itchy feeling
  127. which of these is not a menopausel skin symptom
    • sudden flares of acne
    • decreased elastosis
  128. hirsutism is commonly treated in the salon with
  129. women who are extremely obese
    may experience a loss of hormone activity
  130. which of thes is a symptom of hypothyroidism
    puffy eyes
  131. persons wih ______ secrete to much hydrocotisone
    cushing's syndrome
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