history 5

  1. discuss what brought about middle ages
    • fall of rome
    • 476 - odaceder becomes emperor
    • chaos throughout region
    • no military protection
    • library at Alexandria burnt down
  2. discuss the middle ages
    • loss of trade, town life, learning
    • 500-1500 a.d.
    • feudalism
    • church is center of life
    • war + plague, people question church
    • life is preparation for afterlife, don't question your position
  3. discuss renaissance
    • rebirth
    • revival of art + learning
    • let nothing be unknown to you
    • importance of individual
    • "just do it" "live life to the fullest"
  4. renaissance man
    master every area of study

    art, science, athletics, math, drama, poetry
  5. renaissance women
    inspire art, don't create it
  6. Individual merit
    decisions based on achievements/accomplishments, not position or status
  7. what major change in individual merit was brought about in art
    • focus on revealing uniqueness of people
    • individuals are worthy of being painted
  8. describe perspective
    • 3d image on flat surface
    • optical illusion, vanishing point
  9. leonardo
    • painter, sculptor, inventor, scientist
    • renaissance man
    • mona lisa, the last supper
  10. raphael
    school of athens
  11. machiavelli
    • wrote "the prince"
    • how to keep power
    • ok to lie, cheat, steal if good for country
  12. secular
    worldly, not spiritual
  13. patron
    supporter of arts
  14. vernacular
    common/local language
  15. utopia
    • by thomas more
    • perfect/ideal society
  16. johana gutenburg
    printing press, cheap books
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