5th Grade vocab 10-22-10

  1. aggressive
    (adj.) quick to flight or quarrel, tending to violence; bold and forceful, determined
  2. associate
    (v.) to join or be together as partners, allies, or friends; to link in one's mind, connect

    (n.) a partner, friend

    (adj. having less than full rank
  3. deceive
    (v.) to trick or lead a person into believing something that is not true
  4. emigrate
    (v.) to leave one's home, country or area to live in another
  5. flexible
    (adj.) able to bend without breaking; able to change or to take in new ideas
  6. glamour
    (n.) mysterious charm, beauty, or attractiveness
  7. hazy
    (adj.) unclear, misty; not readily seen or understandable
  8. linger
    (v.) to stay longer than expected, be slow in leaving; to go slowly or take one's time
  9. luxurious
    (adj.) providing ease and comfort far beyond what is ordinary or necessary
  10. mishap
    (n.) an unfortunate but minor accident
  11. overwhelm
    (v.) to overcome by superior force, crush; to affect so deeply as to make helpless
  12. span
    (n.) the full reach or length, especially between two points in space or time

    (v.) to stretch or reach across
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5th Grade vocab 10-22-10
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