Sterile Wound Care- Wet to Moist with Irrigation .txt

  1. *Perform Safety Prep measures*
  2. *Using clean gloves, remove tape, dressings, packing*
    if packing sticks, use NS to moisten gauze
  3. *Inspect dressings for drainage (am’t. color, odor)*
  4. *Properly dispose of used dressings and gloves; perform hand hygiene*
  5. *Position patient; use absorbent material to catch fluid*
  6. *. Open sterile dressing tray; establish a sterile field; add sterile supplies to field*
    30 cc syringe, #18-19 needle or angiocatheter
  7. *Apply one sterile glove; set up supplies on sterile field*
  8. *Pour sterile solution into containers on tray; moisten gauze*
  9. *Apply remaining sterile glove*
  10. *Irrigate wound using cleaning solution and syringe/needle*
  11. *Assess wound, wound bed and wound margins*
  12. *Squeeze out excess moisture from gauze packing and fluff*
  13. *Place moist packing gently inside wound*
  14. *Cover with dry 4x4 gauze and ABD pad*
  15. *Tape across the dressing; label with date, time, initials*
  16. *Discard used supplies, perform hand hygiene*
  17. *Document assessments, procedure, and client response*
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Sterile Wound Care- Wet to Moist with Irrigation .txt
Wet to Moist with Irrigation