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  1. What is a good form of I.D. to bring to the Permit test?
    Original birth certificate
  2. You can get alcohol out of your blood by
    Time. The more you wait, the less influence
  3. The position of the hands on the steering wheel are:
    At 9 and 3 o'clock
  4. The definition of a blind spot it :
    Area which cannot be seen in the outside mirror(s)
  5. The inspection sticker on a new vehicle is good for:
    24 months
  6. At what age can a high school student with a valid learner's permit take commercial driving lessons?
    16 years
  7. What is the penalty for not having your insurance card with you?
    Fine up to $100
  8. A single, solid white line across a road at an intersection means:
    Stop within 5 feet of the line for a sign or traffic light
  9. If you have an out of state license, and move to NJ, you must apply for a NJ license within :
    60 days, or before your current license expires, whichever comes first
  10. Some signs of alcohol impairment are usually
    • Swerving
    • going to fast or slow
  11. What is the penalty for driving a vehicle with an expired inspection sticker?
    • Fine
    • arrest
    • registration revocation
  12. If you are involved in a personal injury accident that requires you to report it to the Division of Motor Vehicles you must:
    Report the accident to your insurance company at once
  13. How long do you have to report a change in address on a NJ license?
    1 week
  14. What would indicate that a tire has been habitually over-inflated?
    Wear on the center of the tire
  15. Headlights, not parking lights alone, must be used:
    One-half hour before sunset to one-half hour after sunrise, in poor weather conditions, and when visibility is 500 feet or less
  16. When your car breaks down on an expressway, the first thing you should do is:
    Try to pull off the road safely
  17. If you run off the pavement, the first thing you should do is:
    Slow down and turn back onto the pavement slowly
  18. The implied consent law means:
    Drivers agree to take a breath test
  19. Most fatal accidents are due to?
  20. If a person becomes drunk in your home and has a motor vehicle accident after leaving your home you could:
    Be involved in a lawsuit
  21. The term one car length for each 10 mph is used to describe:
    Following distance
  22. When you buy a used car which has an expired inspection sticker, the car must be inspected within:
    Two weeks
  23. How long do you have to report a name change to the DMV?
    2 weeks
  24. If a collision is impossible to avoid, you can lessen the impact by:
    Steering away from objects that do not give way
  25. A restriction on a special learner's permit for a 16 year old is
    must have a behind the wheel driver education course
  26. . Failure to give consent to be tested for alcohol consumption (the implied consent law) is punishable by:
    6 months suspension of driving priviledges
  27. In adverse weather conditions, the stopping distance of a truck increases by :
    25 percent
  28. When making a left turn into a road with more than one lane going in the same direction, you must:
    Start to turn the wheel a little before reaching the middle of the road, and turn into the nearest lane to the center.
  29. When purchasing a used vehicle you may
    get the car inspected within 14 days, or wait until the inspection from the previous owner expires if applicable
  30. If a traffic light is hanging horizontally, which side is the red on?
    the left
  31. A provisional license is good for:
    1 year
  32. A basic license is good for:
    4 years
  33. The B.A.C level for over 21 is:
    • .08
    • for under 21- .01 * pretty much anything*
  34. For all moving violations commited on a NJ license while driving in any state under the interstate compacts laws, you will recieve:
    2 points on your NJ license
  35. To avoid highway hypnosis:
    avoid looking at any one thing for more than a few seconds at a time
  36. Anyone over 21 must wait to take their road test (after passing the written test):
    3 months
  37. For emergency vehicles, move to
    the extreme right
  38. You know you are in the blind spot of a truck in front of you if:
    you can't see him in his mirror
  39. One of the main things to look out for when dealing with a truck is:
    their blindspots
  40. Where should a car seat be placed?
    in the back seat in the middle, not in the front.
  41. Are cell phones allowed for a GDL permit?
  42. How old must you be for the GDL restrictions to be waived?
  43. What is the standard accident prevention formula?
    Be alert, Be prepared, Act in time.
  44. What is the standard fine for a GDL infraction?
  45. What is a "learner's" or "student" permit?
    a permit for a 16 year old
  46. If a person with a BAC level of .05% doubles their chances of getting into an accident, then a person with a BAC level of .10%:
    Has a 6 times greater chance of getting into an accident
  47. The best way to get alcohol out of one's system is not coffee or even eating, but rather
    Time. The longer one waits, the more their system gets rid of the alcohol
  48. Is driving a privilege or a right?
    Driving is a privilege
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