Environmental Science Quiz Review

  1. What is the National Average water use
  2. How much water do you need to drink each day?
    8 glasses
  3. What is an example of groundwater?
    An aquifer
  4. What is an example of surface water?
    Lakes & rivers
  5. What is an aqueous solution?
    A solution in which water is the solvent
  6. What is screening?
    The step in water treatment that removes large debris
  7. What is aeration?
    The step in water treatment that adds oxygen and removes dissolved gases
  8. What is coagulation?
    The step in water treatment that creates clumps to removes impurities
  9. What is sedimentation?
    The step in water treatment in which gravity causes impurities to settle
  10. What is filtration?
    The step in water treatment that removes impurities with filters
  11. What is disinfection?
    The step in water treatment that kills bacteria
  12. List the 6 steps for water treatment in order.
    Screening; Aeration; Coagulation; Sedimentation;Filtration; Disinfection
  13. What does a pH test measure?
  14. What is Resource Use?
    Anything in the environment that is used by people
  15. What is Pollution?
    Any change to the environment that has a negative effect on living things
  16. What is Development?
    The belief that humans should be able to freely use Earth’s resources
  17. What will flourish if nitrate and phosphate levels are high?
  18. What is Fishing Limits?
    The method of preserving fisheries by creating laws to protect individual species
  19. What is Groundwater?
    Earth’s underground freshwater
  20. What is Surface Water?
    Made up of lakes and rivers
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Environmental Science Quiz Review
Environmental Science Quiz Review