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  1. What does Lachman's test for?
    ACL instability-it is a more definitive test
  2. What does the Anteriror/Posterior Drawer test for?
    Stability of the ACL/PCL
  3. What does the Bounce Home Test test for?
    Loose bodoes, torn meniscus or swelling
  4. What does McMurray's Test test for?
    Medial and Lateral meniscus tears
  5. What does the Varus Stress Test test for?
    Stability of the LCL
  6. What does the Valgus Stress Test test for?
    Stability of the MCL
  7. What is Osgood's Sehlatter's Disease?
    Irritation of the knee at the insertion of the patellar tendon in the growht plate on teh tibial tubercle
  8. Does subluxating of the patella almost always occur on the medial or lateral side?
  9. Name the contributiong factors form chondromalacia
    • Genu Valgum
    • Foot pronation
    • Abnormal contour of patella
    • Laxitiy of quad tendon
    • Shallow femoral groove
    • Usually have weak hip external rotators
  10. What is Chondromalacia and what are the three stages?
    Gradual degenerative process of the patella

    • -Swelling/sofetning
    • -Fissuring (cracks)
    • -Fragmentation
  11. What is a Parrot Beak tear
    A tear along the horizontla line
  12. What is a Bucket Handle tear?
    A tear along the longitudinal line
  13. T/F The medial meniscus has a higher incidence of tears due to lack of mobility and deep attachment to MCL
  14. What are the 3 parts of the unhappy triad?
    MCL, Medial Meniscus, and ACL
  15. A direct blow to the medial side of the knee or a varus force with tibia rotated is...
    LCL sprain
  16. What are the 3 grades of sprain for a MCL?
    (look the answer up in the book)
  17. A direct blow to the lateral side of the knee, valgus force wiht the foot planted, or indirect force with foot externally rotated is...
    MCL Sprain
  18. What is "O" shaped and more mobile?
    Lateral Meniscus
  19. What is "C" shaped and is less mobile?
    Medial Meniscus
  20. Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)
    • Tight in Extension
    • Loose in Flexion
  21. Lateral Collateral Ligament
    • Arcuate Ligament
    • -Posterior 1/3 of LCL

    Strong and Tight in Extension
  22. Medial Collateral Ligament
    • Posterior Oblique Ligament
    • -Posterior 1/3 of MCL
    • -Attaches to adductor tubercle
  23. "Screw Home" Mechanism
    • As knee extends the tibia externally rotates
    • Provides increase knee stability
  24. Abductors-Lateral
    • Gluteus Maximus
    • Gluteus Minimus
    • Tensor Fascia Latae
  25. Adductors-Medial
    • Adductor Magnus
    • Adductor Longus
    • Adductor Brevis
  26. Adductors-Medial
    • Adductor Magnus
    • Adductor Longus
    • Adductor Brevis
  27. Hamsting Muscles-Posterior and Knee flexors
    • Biceps Femoris-lateral
    • Semitendinosus
    • Semimembranosus
  28. Geny Recurvatum
    Hyperextension of knee
  29. Varus Knee
    Supinated feet, bowlegged
  30. Valgus Knee
    Feet outside of knees...makes an "L"
  31. Fibula
    • Lateral to Tibia
    • NWB
  32. Patella
    • Sesamoid bone
    • Distrubutes compressive forces
  33. Bones of the knee complex?
    • Femur
    • Tibia
    • Tibial Tubercle
    • Fibula
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