US history Commonly missed

  1. British fort captured by Montcalm and his men
    Fort William Henry
  2. Wants to recover everything from the New England powder houses without conflict
    Governor General Gage
  3. British War Governor
    Robert Dinwiddie
  4. Disciplinarian general
    Frederick William Barron Von Steuban
  5. Prime minister, victory at all costs mentality, spend until we win
    William Pitt
  6. Treaty of Paris- Spain gained
    Louisiana, France, North America
  7. Guerilla warfare, 2200 men with Braddock, walks into an ambush, Braddock fatally wounded
    Battle of Monongahela
  8. Treaty of Paris- English gained
    Canada, North America, India, Florida
  9. Day the Declaration was signed?
    July 4, 1776
  10. Famous coloinial general, 12,000 troops vs. Burgoyne's 6000
    General Horatio Gates
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