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  1. A channel in an ISDN line, more commonly referred to as a B channel. The bearer channel carries all voice/data communications; newer bearer channel technology has a maximum bandwidth capacity of 64 Kbps, while older bearer channel technology has a maximum of 56 Kbps.
    B channel
  2. A high-capacity line or network link that provides very fast transfer of data between LANs.
  3. Abbreviation for Backbone Internet Service Provider, a provider with high-speed connections that are connected to each other to form a backbone.
    backbone ISP
  4. The act of copying files or other data for safe keeping.
  5. The defined maximum amount of data that can be sent over a network link or connection.
  6. Used to control network traffic in order to increase performance, lower latency, or optimize bandwidth by delaying traffic based on certain types of packets or packet criteria.
    bandwidth shaper
  7. The process of transmitting data over a connection that consumes all of the available bandwidth. (See also broadband.)
  8. Information about the network configuration that indicates how it should be working. Network statistics and processor performance are usually of most importance.
  9. What does Bios stand for?
    Basic Input/Output System
  10. What does BRI stand for?
    basic rate interface
  11. What does BSS stand for?
    Basic Service Set
  12. Used in wireless networking to alert other nodes of the existence of the wireless access point.
    beacon frame
  13. What does B channel stand for?
    bearer channel
  14. The maximum arc which a cable can be bent before causing data transmission errors. With twisted-pair cable the bend radius is typically equal to or greater than four times the diameter of the cable.
    bend radius
  15. What is BERT?
    Bit Error Rate Test is a method for testing circuits using a predetermined pattern and reporting the errors or lost
  16. The _____ ______ is the most efficient route from source to destination. Based on routing protocols and network availability the best path may or may not be the most direct path.
    best path
  17. What is BGP?
    Acronym for Border Gateway Protocol, an interdomain routing protocol that replaces EGP. BGP exchanges reachability information with other BGP systems. It is defined by RFC 1163.
  18. A numbering system that uses 1's and 0's to represent all information and data. The 1's and 0's represent the two possible states of an electronic switch, On or Off
  19. Assignment of one network component to work with another network component.
  20. A file compression standard for MAC, which allows several file types to be combined into one unit. These files have an HQX extension.
  21. Basic Input/Output System which controls the communication between hardware devices. The BIOS is the firmware on the computers motherboard.
  22. A binary digit that can be a 0 or 1, equal to an on or an off signal.
  23. What does BERT stand for?
    Bit-Error Rate Test
  24. A mathematical operation used to determine the network and node portions of an IP address.
    Bitwise Boolean AND
  25. A term used to describe the area around a printed document. Typically the bleed is 1/8th of an inch.
  26. The manufacturer portion of the MAC address, which includes the first set of 6 characters.
    Block ID
  27. A wireless protocol capable of creating personal area networks, from fixed and mobile devices over short distances. Bluetooth uses frequency hopping spread spectrum which breaks the data up and transmits over 79 frequencies.
  28. Abbreviation for British Naval Connector or Bayonet Nut Connector, a tubular connector used for coaxial cable.
  29. The combination of multiple bearer channels of an ISDN line to increase bandwidth.
  30. The physical division of a disk that is marked bootable. This is the first partition in which an operating system searches for the files to boot the system.
    boot partition
  31. A virus that affects the startup of the operating system. Common errors when there is a boot sector virus include "Missing Operating Disk" or "Hard Disk not found".
    boot sector virus
  32. A file accessed by an operating system to determine the operating system options to display during the startup or boot process.
  33. What is BOOTP?
    Acronym for Bootstrap Protocol, used by a computer to find out its configuration information from a host.
  34. What does BGP stand for?
    Border Gateway Protocol
  35. A software application capable of running an automated task over the internet.
  36. Hardware or software that places limits on the production of a device or network due to its inability to handle its required workload.
  37. Similar to a proxy it is used to relay traffic and network connections.
  38. Is used to shield a cable from electromagnetic interference.
  39. What is BRI?
    Acronym for Basic Rate Interface, an ISDN interface composed of two B channels and one D channel for circuitswitched communication of voice, video, and data.
  40. A device that separates a network into segments at the data link layer, although the segments still appear as one network to upper level protocols.
  41. What does BNC stand for?
    British Naval Connector
  42. A data transmission method that divides a single transmission medium, so multiple signals can travel at the same time. (See also baseband.)
  43. The connection to the internet over a cable network. A cable modem modulates and demodulates the signals in a broadband cable network.
    broadband cable
  44. Data sent simultaneously to more than one recipient.
  45. Special address reserved for sending a message to all stations. Generally, a broadcast address is a MAC destination address of all ones.
    broadcast address
  46. The set of all devices that will receive broadcast frames originating from any device within the set. Broadcast domains are typically bound by routers because routers do not forward broadcast frames.
    broadcast domain
  47. Undesirable network event in which many broadcasts are sent simultaneously across all network segments. A broadcast storm uses substantial network bandwidth and, typically, causes network time-outs.
    broadcast storm
  48. A device that acts as a router for routable information, but yet can act as a bridge for non-routable information.
  49. The drop in normal power levels for a few seconds or longer.
  50. _____ ______ _______ occur by systematically attempting to crack a password by trying all possible combinations.
    brute force attacks
  51. What is BSS?
    An access point and all associated stations (STA) is considered the basic service set (BSS). A BSS is identified by its BSSID and contains at least one AP and one STA.
  52. 1. A topology where once cable is used to connect all the devices. 2. The main circuit used on a motherboard to transmit data to the components.
  53. A topology where all devices are connected to a common cable called the backbone or bus.
    bus topology
  54. Shortened to B2B, a description of an organization that provides a service, or sells goods, to other organizations.
  55. Special handset used by technicians to install and test local loop telephone lines. Also known as test set, lineman's handset, goat, buttinski.
    butt set
  56. A ______ is made up of eight bits in a digital signaling system.
  57. The order that binary numbers, larger than two or more bytes, are transmitted on a network.
    byte order
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