Roman Emperors

  1. born in Spain, took Darcia made column, made Parthian ruler a puppet king
  2. storic and epic philosopher, made a wall in Scotland, wife was Pomeia Plotina
  3. longest reign since Augustus, popular
    Antoninus Pius
  4. not considered one of 5 good emperors, shared rule with Marcus Aurelius
    Lucius Verus
  5. last of 5 good emperors called "philosopher emperor" or the"stoic emperor, wrote Meditations, fought capaigns along Rhine river
    Marcus Aurelius
  6. son of Aurelius, may have compeated in gladiator games, liked killing, conspiricies launched about him, strangelled to death by wrestler Narcissus
  7. only important emperor from Africa, good general
    Septimus Severus
  8. granted citizenship to all people in empire, built enormas namesake bath structure
  9. born to a dalmatian, got throne after battle of Margus, created treachery where 4 emperors could co-rule, led largest persecution of Christians
  10. began rule after defeating Maxentius, converted to Christianity after he saw a cross in the sky, constructed many churches with mother Helen, had son and wife put to death
  11. last great western emperor, brother of Valens, born in Pannonia and son of Gratian, defended borders from Allemani and Saxons
    Valentinian I
  12. son of Gratian, brother of Valentinian, died in battle of Adrianople, sometimes called last true Roman
  13. governed from Milan to Vienna, in power for a long time took throne at age 4, son of Valentinian
    Valentinian II
  14. last to rule both halves of Roman empire, made Christiananity offical religion in Rome, against the Goths a lot
    Theodosius I
  15. abandoned Britian, son of Theodosius, left the Western Roman empire in state of decay and verge of collapse
  16. took throne at age 4, last Western Roman emperor to rule for more than 2 years, fought the Huns and Chalons
    Valentinian III
  17. last western roman emperor, deposed by Odoacer
    Romulus Augustus
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