English Test 1

  1. Complacent
    ADJ: Very Confident
  2. Adamant
    ADJ: Unyielding in attitude or opinion, Determined (Republicans are adamant that their opinion is always right)
  3. Ephemeral
    ADJ: Short lived (ih-phem-er-uhl) (the ephemeral joys of childhood)
  4. Chary
    ADJ: Cautious or wary
  5. Affable
    Adj: Friendly, easy to approach and talk to, cordial
  6. Circumlocution
    Noun: A confusing, long way to say something (like what politicians do)
  7. banal
    ADJ: Lacking originality, bland, been done before (Vampires) (buh-nall)
  8. Berate
    Verb: To scold [bih-reyt]
  9. Acute
    ADJ: Sharp or intense (sharp minded or sharp pain)
  10. Hamper
    Verb: To hold back
  11. Adversity
    Noun: catastrophe (as in something having an an adverse effect)
  12. Adversary
    Noun: An opponent
  13. Extraneous
    ADJ: Not important, needless, irreverent (ik-stray-knee-us)
  14. Cacophony
    Noun: An annoying sound [ka-kof-knee]
  15. Animosity
    Noun: Hatred or disliking
  16. Acrid
    ADJ: Unpleasant, mean
  17. Abridge
    Verb: To summarize (an abridged audio book)
  18. Ardent
    Verb: Enthusiastic
  19. Aloof
    Adverb: Emotionally away
  20. Antediluvian
    ADJ: Old, antiqued [an-tee-di-loo-vee-uhn]
  21. Compliant
    ADJ: Obeying to commands
  22. Adulate
    Verb: To admire someone [a-juh-late]
  23. Imprudent
    ADJ: careless
  24. Clandestine
    ADJ: Hidden, secret [clan-des-tin]
  25. Indolent
    ADJ: Not wanting to do work [in-duh-luhnt]
  26. Abstemious
    ADJ: Not eating or drinking much
  27. Brevity
    Noun: Shortness
  28. Baneful
    ADJ: Deadly, harmful (the bane of my existence)
  29. Ample
    ADJ: More than enough
  30. Altristic
    ADJ: Unselfish, sharing
  31. Austere
    ADJ: Strict
  32. Querulous
    ADJ: full of complaints; complaining.
  33. Allay
    Verb: To relieve
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English Test 1
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