chap 8 part 1

  1. acr/o
    • extremities
    • gland
    • adrenal glands
  2. calc/i
    • calcium
    • to seperate or secrete
    • endocrine
  3. gluc/o glyc/o
    • sugar glucose glycogen
    • pituitary gland
    • suffix used in the formation of names of chemical substances
  4. -megaly
    • enlargement
    • tumor
    • pancreas
  5. parathyr/o; parathyroid/o
    thyr/o; thyroid/o
    -tropin (from trophe)
    • parathyroid gland
    • thyroid gland
    • suffix meaning "nourishment" or "stimulation"
  6. adenogenous
    aden/o (gland); -genous (originating)

    originating in gland
  7. adenohypophysis
    the anteriour pituitary gland
  8. adrenal glands
    adrenal cortex
    adrenal mendulla
    • cortex - bark
    • medulla- marrow intermost part

    two glands one located at the top of each kidney adrenal cortex is the outer portion adrenam medulla is inner portion
  9. adrenaline
    synonym for epinephrine secreted from adrenal mendulla
  10. adrenocorticotropic (ACTH abr)
    pituitary secretion that stimulates the adrenal glands
  11. androgen
    andro masculine -gen precursor of

    male hormone secreted by the adrenal cortex
  12. aldosterone
    ald (ehyd) + ster(ol) + one (chemical suffix)

    one of the corticosteroids, hormones produced by the adrenal glands
  13. antidiuretic hormone
    hormone secreted by the posterior pituitary gland to prevent the kidneys from expelling too much water
  14. calcitonin (CT)
    hormone secreted by the thyroid to prevent too much calcium from absorbing into the bones
  15. corticosteroids
    steros solid

    steroid produced by the cortices of the adrenal glands, cortisol
  16. endocrine
    endo within krino to seperate

    adj describing a gland that delivers its secretions directly into the blood stream
  17. estrogen
    oistrus estrus -gen producing

    one of the 2 hormones secreted by the ovaries
  18. exocrine
    adj gland that delivers its secretions through a duct onto the skin or other epithelial surface
  19. glucagon
    gluc/o glucose from the greek word ago (to lead)

    hormone secreted by the pancreas
  20. gonadotropin (fsh)
    from the greek word gone (seed) from the greek word trophe (nourishment) -in (suffix used to form names of biochem substances

    follicle-stimulating hormone; hormone promoting gonadal growth
  21. gonadotropin (isch)
    interstitial cell stimulating hormone hormone promoting gonadal growth in the male
  22. gonadotropin (LH)
    luteinizing hormone; stimulates ovulation
  23. hormone
    hormao (to rouse or set in motion)

    chemical messenger that is secreted by an endocrine gland directly into the bloodstream
  24. hydrocortisone
    an adrenal gland hormone secretion
  25. hypophysis
    synonym for pituitary gland
  26. insulin
    latin meaning island

    one of two hormones produced by pancreas
  27. islets of langerhans
    clusters of specialized cells in the pancreas that secrete insulin
  28. melanocyte-stimulating hormone

    malan/o black - hormone secreted bfrom the anterior pit gland

    hormone secreted by the pineal gland
  29. neurohypophysis
    syn for posterior pit gland
  30. noradrenaline
    nor adrenal/o ine

    syn for norepinephrine; secreted from the adrenal medulla
  31. ovaries
    ovum egg

    female gonads, two oval shaped glands that are located in the pelvic cav
  32. oxytocin
    oxytokos (swift birth)

    hormone secreted by the posterior pit gland
  33. pancreas
    parathyroid gland
    parathyroid hormone (pth)
    pineal gland
    pit gland
    • 1sweetbread - feather shaped organ likes posterior to the stomach
    • 2secretes parathyroid hormone
    • 3a hormone secreted
    • 4gland that secreted melatonin, an antioxidant that is otherwise not well understood
    • 5 syn for hypophysis; master gland
  34. progesterone
    prolactin (prl)
    suprarenal glands
    • female hormone
    • secretion of the anteriour pit gland
    • another name for adrenal glands
    • male gonads two oval organs that lie in the scrotum
    • male hormone from testes
  35. thyroid gland
    thyrotropin (tsh)
    thyroxine (t4)
    triiodothyronine (t3)
    • one of the 4 glands belonging solely to endocrine system located in throat area
    • thyroid stim hormone
    • secretion of thyroid gland
    • another sec of thyroid gland that is synthesized from t4 by organs
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