Art Exam 2

  1. Medium
    material used to create an image (paint)
  2. Pigments
    intense colors in powder form derived from animals, pants, minerals and synthetic chemicals
  3. Binder
    the liquid into which the pigments are ground and which hold the pigment particles together once the paint dries
  4. Support
    the surface upon which the painting is made
  5. Ground
    coating applied to the support to improve it for painting
  6. Solvent (Vehicle)
  7. Encaustic
    suspended in hot wax. -Get beautiful and vibrant color
  8. Fresco (Buon Fresco)
    wet wall, the paint gets absorbed and actually stay, doesn't chip
  9. Fresco Secco
    False - Dry wall, so the paint doesn't get absorbed, just sits on top, chips

    16th Chapel clean up

    • Change the color palette
    • Went from low key to high key
    • Micheal Angelo actually painted in high key
  10. Tempera
    • -Binder is yolk of an egg
    • -Demanding medium - dry really fast
    • Challenging
    • -Individual colors have been placed individually
  11. Opaque
    Not reflecting light; having no luster
  12. translucent
    Transmitting light but causing sufficient diffusion to prevent perception of distinct images
  13. Watercolor
    Waterbased paint
  14. Gouache
    A method of painting with opaque watercolors mixed with a preparation of gum
  15. Impasto
    The application of thick layers of pigment to a canvas or other surface in painting
  16. Intaglio
    A figure or design carved into or beneath the surface of hard metal or stone
  17. Mezzotint
    A method of engraving a copper or steel plate by scraping and burnishing areas to produce effects of light and shadow
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