Chapter seven

  1. which of the follwing best describes the major purpose of child care
    to facilitate OPTIMUM development of the WHOLE child and support efforts to achieve this goal
  2. Wehn child care is proveded in a CHILD'S OWN FAMILY or in a family-like setting by relatives it is know as...
    d. child care by family and relatives
  3. four year old suzi goes to ms. lacy's house every day while her mother is working...
    family child care
  4. new responses to child care arise as more and more parents enter the workforce. The most rapidly growing segment of the workforce is..
    single mother with children under two
  5. child care that integrates children and the elderly into an early childhood and adult care facility is..
    intergenerational child care
  6. child care adn education provided in a facility other than a home
    center based child care
  7. home based care and education provided in a private family home
    family child care
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Chapter seven