Art history Terms

  1. Twisted Perspective
    Part of object in frontal, part in profile
  2. Relief
    Carved into something and raised
  3. incized
    Cut into artwork
  4. Lenthil
    Horizontal stone/bar
  5. Register
    Row/band on artwork
  6. Icanography
    Represents something
  7. Lost Wax
    Method of casting bronze involving wax figures
  8. Conceptual
    Idea has precedence over aesthetic appearance
  9. Blind Arcade
    Arcs that don't open
  10. Archway
    Open Arcs
  11. Canon
    Perfect figure/representation
  12. Canilevered
    Stacked on top of one another
  13. Relieving Traingle
    Triangle over Lentil for architectural purpose
  14. Tholos
    Round Tomb/Temple
  15. Figure in the round
    fully 3D sculpture
  16. Orientalizing
    Detail and Picture Vocabulary
  17. Kouros
    Youth Statue
  18. Kore
    Votive female statue
  19. Frieze
    relief on top of capitals
  20. Contrapasto
    Movement in figure, walking
  21. Polykeitos
    perfect specimin of something
  22. Theatron
    Stage built on slope
  23. Corinthian (capital)
    Carved, more ornate than Ionic
  24. Atmospheric Perspective
    Dark in front, light in background. Blurryness added to show depth
  25. 1st Style
    Meant to look like it has marble
  26. 2nd Style
    meant to look 3 dimensional
  27. 3rd Style
  28. 4th Style
    Has architecture in art
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