Nursing Arts

  1. Stethoscope
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    Heart, lung, bowel sounds, blood pressure
  2. Sphygmomanometer
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    Blood pressure
  3. Base
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    Battery source
  4. Otoscope
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    Ear, tympanic membrane, cerumen, foreign objects, infection
  5. Ophthalmoscope
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    Eye, sclera, pupils, retina, blood vessels
  6. Tuning Fork
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    Hearing, nerve sensitivity
  7. Tongue depressor
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    Gums, teeth, tonsils, throat
  8. Precussion Hammer
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    • Reflexes, Babinski (bottom of foot), Patellar(under knee cap),
    • Bicep
  9. Glove
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    • Non sterile ( to protect the MA or medical personnel)
    • Bimanual ( will use two hands to perform the procedure).
  10. Nasal speculum (specula)
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    Inspect the lining of the nose, nasal membranes, internal septum
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Nursing Arts
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