1. 1st amendment
    • religion
    • speech
    • press
    • assembly
    • petition
  2. 2nd Amendment
    right to bear arms
  3. 3rd Amendment
    no quartering of troops
  4. 4th Amendment
    • no unreasonable search & seizures
    • need a search warrant
  5. 5th Amendment
    right to remain silent
  6. 6th Amendment
    • must be informed of your crime
    • speedy and public trial (peers)
    • held in area where it took place
    • entitled to a lawyer
  7. 7th Amendment
    • civil lawsuits
    • can have a jury if over $20
  8. 8th Amendment
    Can have bail (not excessive)
  9. 9th Amendment
    rights extended beyond those listed in the B.O.R.
  10. 10th Amendment
    • Protects from federal government becoming too strong
    • gives reserved powers to the states
  11. 11th Amendment
  12. 12th Amendment
  13. 13th Amendment
    • ended slavery
    • no forced labor-except as a punishment
  14. 14th Amendment
    • ALL people born or naturalized are citizens
    • states can not make laws taking away basic rights of their citizens
  15. 15th Amendment
    • all men can vote (gain suffrage)
    • women cant vote still
  16. 16th Amendment
    Income tax
  17. 17th Amendment
    direct election of senators
  18. 18th Amendment
    the prohibition of liquor
  19. 19th Amendment
    women get the right to vote at the federal level
  20. 20th Amendment
    states the beginnings & ends of terms for elected officials
  21. 21st Amendment
    repealed the 18th amendment
  22. 22nd Amendment
    2 term limit on president
  23. 23rd Amendment
    DC can vote
  24. 24th Amendment
    • no poll taxes
    • (easier for african americans to vote now)
  25. 25th Amendment
    Presidential Sucession
  26. 26th Amendment
    voting age lowered to 18+
  27. 27th Amendment
    No pay raises in congress until the end of a session
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