MGMT 340 Ch. 11

  1. Communication
    • The process by which information is transmitted and understood between two or more people
    • Transmitting the sender’s intended meaning (not just symbols) is key of good communication
  2. Encoding
    put into words or symbols
  3. 2 way communicating
    Form message--> Encode--> Receive -->Decode--> Form feedback--> Encode--> Receive--> Decode

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  4. Emotional Contagion
    The automatic process of sharing another person’s emotions by mimicking their facial expressions and other nonverbal behavior

    • Ex: like when someone slouches... we would do the same thing
    • Ex: we are in good mood and surrounded by bad mood ppl-----> we get into a bad mood

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  5. Cross-Cultural Communication
    • Verbal differences- Language
    • Nonverbal differences-Voice intonation, Facial expressions, Physical distance

    • Ex: Eat sushi bad form to place chopsticks on plate. Have to set on a holder/ make one.
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  6. High-context cultures
    rely on nonverbal communication and situational cues
  7. High-content cultures
    rely on verbal communication and more logical information
  8. Getting Your Message Across
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